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Kill on x Button Presses UberASM


Kill on x Button Presses


An UberASM that will kill the player once they have pressed a specific button x amount of times. Counter should reset upon every death or load/reload of a level. The amount of presses before death needs to be configurable. It would be nice if the button this measures could be configurable, but for my personal use I would only need to count the amount of "B" button presses. The counter does not need to be visible to the player, in my use case it wouldn't be, but if a visible counter could be configured that might be handy for other uses as well.
Apparently it was simpler than what I thought. You can download it here.

The amount of button presses for triggering Mario's death is limited to 255, I hope that's not a problem (I can increase it if needed).

Let me know if it is ok, or if I should make some changes.
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Originally posted by zuccha
Apparently it was simpler than what I thought. You can download it here.

Wow, not only was that extremely fast, but the code and defines are masterfully commented! Excellent work, it's more than I could ask for! #smrpg{y}