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Super Boonie World by dubiousdinobot

File Name: Super Boonie World
Submitted: by dubiousdinobot
Obsoletes: Super Boonie World
Authors: dubiousdinobot
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 18 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This hack is dedicated to all the good pooches of the world.

Each level has at least one hidden dog portrait.

Levels are on the shorter side; not meant to destroy but to enjoy.

I had a tremendous amount of fun making it, and I hope you all enjoy playing it!

V1.1 Updates:
- Fixed graphical errors in a few levels/overworld
- Standardized on/off graphics across levels to improve clarity
- Adjusted background in Shanty Bog to improve clarity
- Adjusted a set-up in Bailey Bluffs for clarity
- Adjusted and simplified graphics in New Donk for clarity
- Added some message boxes to hint/explain certain gimmicks
- Added some additional hints/indicators for hidden pups
- Added a list of music used
Tags: asm, custom graphics, music, platformer, sa-1, secrets, traditional
I'm rejecting because the level Bailey Bluffs has whether a wrong event assigned or has no event, because once I completed it I couldn't progress to the next level.

There's also some minor exanimations overlapping some of the custom graphics, especially in dogs portraits rooms.


I'd be happy to remoderate this hack once these minor are fixed.