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* Yoshi's Island: Kamek's Revenge

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Yes, finally, after two fucking years of working with this game, it is "done" and done is in quotes for a reason.

Until Keytastrophe, this hack has pretty much consumed 80% of my free time. It started as me being stupid and learning how to use the program, but after advice from Golden Yoshi (who I have to thank so damn much for all his help along the way, and beta testing absolutely everything) it turned into this.

Basically, this hack is done. Now, I use basically lightly. Extra 3 4 5 and 6 are incomplete, and that is it. Everything else is done, but I lost motivation for this hack. Big time. I call it complete though, because 1-1 to 6-8 is done.

There are probably still a plethora of minor glitches, but after playing through it six million times, there is nothing game breaking, except a part in 4-3 where you can't get 100 points. This happened because my Welcome level and 4-3 intertwined their data and corrupted each other - so I got to pick which one worked. >_>

I am proud of how this turned out - I am proud to call it the second completed Yoshi's Island hack ever. To be honest, I don't care if anyone else is proud, because this is a personal achievement for me, and I'm quite happy to say so. For those who have been waiting years for this .. here is the link you have wanted:

Kamek's Revenge.ips

Note: Bugfix version available, see this thread for details.


-50 brand spanking new levels, ranging from easy difficulty to pretty damn hard difficulty.
-Lengthly levels, ranging from 5 minutes to half an hour (there are plenty of mid-rings, but you can use save states I guess if you get stuck badly)
-The first Yoshi's Island hack to ever have ExGFX, so to speak. All the level icons are edited, and most sprites have slight GFX edits.
-Some slightly tweaked music, but again, that's another thing I lost motivation on.
-And more stuff which I don't remember.

So yeah .. enjoy what's here anyway. Please don't post glitches here, since this is the last time I'll be working with this hack. However, if there is something absolutely devastating that you absolutely CANNOT continue on, then I will fix it I guess.

Instead of screenshots, I'll link the three movies I posted earlier to give a sample of what to expect:


So that's all. Thank you to everyone who has supported me for the last two years, and I hope you all enjoy this. Kudos to those who beat it!

I am freaken LOVING the remix you made of "Make eggs,Throw eggs!"
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There's a remix of Crystal Caves too once you get to 1-3. I'm on 1-4.
I'm a rubberducky in the shape of a 2 ain't life grand!
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Y'know, this inspired me to make another YI hack.
Congratulations on the second completed YI hack in the whole WORLD!
As for me, I am aiming for the first YI hack completed that fetures noticably big graphic changes!
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Yays! Very glad you decided to release this. I tested this hack from the beginning and enjoyed it very much. S.N.N. has a great talent for level design, and all the levels in this hack are very well-designed. S.N.N. was able to make very innovative and interesting level designs that keep you on your feet and are very fun! This is definitely a must-play. So, go ahead and play!
Looks like it's a sad day in Yoshi's Island, everyone is with sad faces, even the flowers!
These remixes/mixes of the musics are awesome.
Second ever completed YI Hack = Yay!
Like Golden Yoshi said, a must-play!
Nice to see there is already positive feedback on it. That's great. I'm glad you guys like the remixes, even though there are only those and the final boss theme remixed.

Keep me posted on how far you each get - I'd be interested in seeing someone get to the longer levels, heh.
Awesome! I can't wait to play this! Now I just need a 1.0 ROM. <_<
I am already at 6-8!
I will record the final level once I get the chance.
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How did you get there already without using an .srm? Each level in world 6 alone is over 15 minutes long, with 6-8 being 20-30 minutes. Good luck recording that, heh.
OMFG glitched graphics in pit of 100 trials D=
And what is with the strobe effect when the screen scrolls in 6-3?
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Originally posted by S.N.N.

Extra 3 4 5 and 6 are incomplete, and that is it.

That was one of the levels where I got 18 floors through without paying uch attention, and then said "why am I doing this again?"

However, you can enjoy Extra 1 and 2 if you'd like ^_^
What sprite did you use to end the level at 3-8?
boss battle was very creative.
PS.I ment to give out the surprise and ruin the "mysterys of world 3" =P
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Troopa Pride had to have cheated to get to the Extra levels. as this will take me at least 3 months to get a Perfect in every world. And not to tip my hat, but I'm very good at YI. If there was one game that I'm good at next to Smash bros., this is it.

I finally get to play the official version of Yoshi's Island: Kamek's Revenge and just like Mario's Keytastrophe, this is a pure win in my book. Great level design, nice edit of graphics, and do I see a new sprite? (that spike platform flipping thing in 1-2) I'll show a pic of it later. Anyways, i'm having a blast. I had to stop at 2-6 for a while, as some of these levels are kicking my ass. This is the hardest I've ever seen YI. Some levels are pure evil, but I like a challenge in YI. The only bug I've noticed is that at the 1-8 boss room, if you re-enter the pipe you came out of, you taken to what I can only think of as 1-1 in mid air and fall to your death. Similar to that 4-7 glitch in the original. Now I see why that happened.

Anyways, Congrats for the hard work you put forth in this hack. It really shows. Good job.
The 1-1 glitch is similar to the level 0 glitch in Super Mario World - as in, I probably forgot to connect that pipe to an exit. As for getting Perfect on every level .. well, that's where the incomplete thing comes in. Every level has the right amount of coins/flowers/stars, but due to that 4-3 glitch I mentioned, you won't be able to score 100 on that level (I think the highest you can get on it is 89, because the corrupt room has 1 flower and 1 red coin) It doesn't matter anyway though - Extra 4 isn't edited :P

The sprite in 1-2 was an unused sprite in the original, along with the bubble plant and red bullet shooter. I'm too ignorant to even attempt to make my own.

Glad everyone is liking it so far - I'd like to see someone get to world 5 and play some of those lengthy level ;)
Originally posted by Troopa Pride

And what is with the strobe effect when the screen scrolls in 6-3?

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Can someone PM me the clean rom? I haven't been able to find one.
EDIT: Thanks SNN!
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I forgot to ask:

What effect are you talking about, because I don't remember using any in that level besides the lava >_>
Before I patch the patch to my YI Rom it works, but after patching, my emulator don't play it. I tried it with 5 YI Roms and with Snes9x and Zsnes 151.
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