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Mushroom Kingdom Escape by Mario is the best

File Name: Mushroom Kingdom Escape
Submitted: by Mario is the best
Authors: Mario is the best
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 29 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal, Standard: Hard
Description: Hello everyone, today I present you with a project I have been working on recently that's called Mushroom Kingdom Escape.

This is just a 2 1/2 world demo with 24 playable levels and a few secrets

The full release wont be released for a while so, I made a demo to hold it over

Story: Bowser and his Koopalings a obliterating the Mushroom Kingdom slowly but surely and Princess and Yoshi escape safely, while on the other hand Mario and Luigi have to fight their way out for freedom.

Thanks for playing

UPDATE V1.1: Fixed many bugs pointed out and added 3 levels to this demo

Hope you enjoy :))

Tags: custom blocks, custom graphics, custom music, custom sprites, vanilla levels, vanilla overwold
The hack is overall pretty good with its level design and graphics/music.

I found quite a lot of areas you can get stuck in if you accidentally miss a jump upwards on a noteblock or hit some turn blocks from below destroying them.


Panic Pyre Pit -

Coins under the block also make me want to hit them from underneath

A City Stroll -

These are just 2 examples. I found at least 2 other places this can happen, but you should probably look over the entire hack yourself and make sure you don't get locked out of progressing. An easy fix would be to replace the one time use blocks with something that stays no matter what.

Hacks should maintain consistent visual language and palettes throughout

This should be interpreted to mean the visual elements of the game communicate their purpose to the player in a clear enough way.

Another complaint I have is with the 2 types of every block that look identical. There are 2 kinds of different noteblocks, question blocks, and turn blocks that all do different things. Sometimes they act normal, sometimes they explode and sometimes you just pass right through them. This violates one of the core hack principles on the site and makes for pretty awkward gameplay.