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Is knowing ASM required for romhacking?

Or can you just use Lunar Magic? ASM is a quite nightmarish language for me and I don't want to need to use it.
Yes, you can just use lunar magic, asm knowledge isn't really needed to hack smw unless you want to code your own things.
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So ASM would be required for things like custom powerups?
Only if you want to create your own. If you want to download powerups from here, all you need to know is how to insert them into the hack.
In general, many hackers don't know how to code (in SMW) or at most know a couple opcodes and make simple stuff or tweak a few things but are completely helpless on more complex stuff. The resources sections exist for a reason, though a few other resources are only released in Resources & Tool Release for a variety of reasons and if something doesn't exist yet, you can simply request what you need (at least as long as the rules permit it) or even ask someone personally if you built some reputation (I myself took some personal ASM request despite my bio mentioning otherwise but this is ultimately the exception, not the rule).

tl;dr The majority of users know at most basic ASM and were lost if it weren't for the resource sections.
You can hack SMW without the knowledge of coding and asm. It's all about how much fun you have doing it, and the creativity you have. A lot of people have the esoteric skills to do the in depth stuff and all that is great, but fun games can be made without it.
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