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Super Famicompo 5 - RESULTS

MusicSuper FamicompoResults

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Needless to say, I am shocked once again by how much people enjoyed my entries in the face of the competition. You have my gratitude.

To add to my guilt, I will admit this about my Challenge entry: I got the idea for how to remix the song while drifting to bed at 2 AM the night before the deadline, and spent every bit of free time the final day of the contest writing snippets of the mml in my phone and such, eventually finding time to piece it together right before the deadline. I'm content with how it came out but didn't think it was worth making past 10th place, let alone where it ended up!

For my originals, I once again had a blast working with bebn and Segment. With bebn, I let him start the composition this time, and admittedly it took me awhile to come up with a follow-up to his part. I didn't quite have the time to do 2 parts like we did last year, so I settled for 1 part each. With Segment, I ended up composing the whole thing again as a miniature symphony of 4 movements, and he ported it over even more wonderfully than last year! It seeks to tell a story, and I hope that came through in the final product!

For covers, I unfortunately did not find time for much, but MFG persuaded me to make a midi for a game nostalgic to me with samples that I'm well acquainted, so there was nothing holding me back from pursuing it. It was pretty simple, but he did a solid job of porting it! I do hope to pursue more covers for next year's contest, though.

With all that said, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was far from the only one pursuing collaborations! People I never would've thought were all pursuing their own team-ups and making some interesting products as a result. I hope this continues, and that I can continue to contribute to that trend in new and interesting ways.

I was also pleased with the return of the Challenge category in general, and am particularly interested in seeing what sort of challenges will be thrown our way next year, be they new sample restrictions or something yet unseen.

But, that should about wrap it up for now. I hope to bring my A-game next year, and I'm looking forward to everyone else doing similar!
embed fail!!

Congrats to the winners and thanks for organizing this event. It was fun to participate and go through all the entries although I ran out of time to vote for everything (I am Blankrune in the lists as I thought it was best to be anonymous during the voting).

My entry was my attempt of experimenting with looped chord samples which I think at least the guitar turned out pretty well. With all these chord samples and 2 different fairly large string samples I ran out of space and had to look for very small samples for a lot of the other instruments. Hence the inclusion of a lot of the optimized smw samples.
you won congratulations! #smrpg{<3} these are my ports, what I participated in will be at C3 Winter 2024

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
Congratulations to all the winners, especially to  Segment1Zone2 with 3rd and 1st places and  icrawfish with 2 first places!

I didn't have time to submit anything for the Cover category, I started with porting way too late and I was very stressed towards the end. So due to time constraints, I could only make 2 submissions this time. I also did a collaboration for the first time (together with  bebn legg). It was a really cool experience, especially because (as he mentioned in the comments) we have very different workflows. I definitely want to do another collaboration next year!

I'll upload my 2nd place port from the Challenge category in the next few days. Maybe slightly modified, as I'm not entirely satisfied with one thing, and MarioFanGamer also mentioned exactly the same thing in his comment.
It certainly was a fun contest even if I didn't entirely intended to enter it for competition purposes (Buoy Base was mostly a reminder that there are other engines out there but Alternate Red Brinstar and Sacred Grove were submitted competetively). My goal for next year is to also use the Super Metroid engine since I also want to submit some custom music for Super Metroid so I should be familiar with it by then.

It should be noted that I had certain other ideas (like one for cover and another challenge, particularly since the one I ended up submitting is very SMW centric) but for these I needed to find a good MIDI. I also hope my composition skills become good enough that I can submit an original entry, though I also hope to collab with someone else at least for originals especially after I was familiar with this year's collab.

The most interesting entries were the Conan soundtrack given the use of the original Kankichi-Kun engine as well as Almighty Sand Man Ritual for how weird it is but still manages to sound good in spite if not precisely because of it (incidentally both made by KFF).

Last but not least, some detailed comments to my entries (I released them on Discord but will do the same here now for the public):

since people asked:
-the original samples used for OnMyWay/Original25.spc are from Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love
-Metro Boulevard/Challenge07.spc is an original composition, i was however listtening to a lot of hocus pocus by focus and you could say it shares a similar structure

thanks for the 2 bronze trophies!!! i'll make sure they get a nice spot on the shelf

listen to the 3 entries recorded on a SNES here:

What a fun contest! Congrats to everyone who entered (including myself #tb{^V^}).
Was quite surprised to place 11th - very happy with the results considering SFC5 is the first contest I've ever done on smwc.
Once again,
Congrats Everyone! #smw{:TUP:}

And shoutout to KungFuFurby for porting the entire Conan NES soundtrack
Check this out:
i]italics baby</i>
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MusicSuper FamicompoResults