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Wake Up Call by lustreflux

File Name: Wake Up Call
Submitted: by lustreflux
Authors: lustreflux
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 28 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: Waluigi was never the most careful with his cyber-security. One wrong click was all it took... Waluigi's been HACKED!

- No shell jumps!
- A semblance of lore!
- Bonus mini-game on the title screen!
- Valuable life lesson about cyber-security!
- Funky box art!
- Somewhat enjoyable most of the time!

After 3 years of working on this dang thing on and off, it's finally done! That, or I'm done with it. At this point I can't tell.

I hope you enjoy!
Tags: cyber-security, glitch, kaizo beginner, kaizo light, less efgfx, music, non-mario, traditional, wake up call, waluigi
In the Wi-fi password section, one of the endings leads to a softlock, forcing a console reset. I believe the password is supposed to be kind of trial and error with the way its designed so its a feel bad moment when this happens.

As for the difficulty, I would say its easily in the Kaizo:Intermediate difficulty for the next submission.

I know you already have a list of things you are fixing and they sound like good changes. So good luck with the next submission and I really enjoyed your unique take on the level design in this hack.