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Rob-omb's Quest 2 by unknownperson123

File Name: Rob-omb's Quest 2
Submitted: by unknownperson123
Authors: unknownperson123
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: A somewhat sequel to a old SMW hack that focuses on a Bob-omb's journey to save the missing keg from the eveil king Bowser!
Tags: old hack, rob-omb, sequel-like
Long story short, this would've been a simple reject for a fixable softlock with a few notes about broken bits...

But, it looks like you've gone and edited the original Rob-omb's Quest rom. The demo level, overworld, and unused level names all point to this. It's possibly okay to edit someone else's rom to make another, new hack if you have permission, but there's no sign you've done this.

I'd recommend starting with an original hack based solely off of the unmodified SMW rom. Or some sorta public base rom.

Level notes:

* Bob-omb Chaos House
** Some lag here
* The Orange Switch
** Some lag here
** Save screen causes epilepsy. Might have to do with HDMA on the overworld. Definitely ran into this one before.
* Bob-omb Isle 2
** Small amount of cutoff on the bush to the left here.
* Demo Level
** Hitting the message box in this level causes the Yoshi message to proc...which exits the level and places me somewhere bad on the map. This is a softlock and needs to be fixed.
** Blocks are corrupted here.i