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Super Napu World by MrNapkino

File Name: Super Napu World
Submitted: by MrNapkino
Authors: MrNapkino
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 22 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: A kaizo hack featuring mostly short levels, forgiving checkpoints, and zero kaizo blocks.
Tags: less exgfx, music, traditional
I'm rejecting because there's a few breaks in a couple levels.

In the level Red Switch Cavern, you can skip a lot of obstacles by grabbing the disco shell with the yoshi. Once you get to the p-switch spot with yoshi you can even duplicate the p-switches.

In the level Route 42 you can fly over the level in both sections, skipping everything.

Additionally, I suggest to take a look to some of the setups in the levels, because I've found some unnecesary tight obstacles that aren't kind of out of the scope within the rest of the level (and hack) difficulty. Some examples (these are not the reject reason, just mere suggestions):

The first couple jumps in Barrier to Entry are significantly harder than the rest of the level.

The spin jump on the custom bombs are extremely tight and awkward to perform in Mario Maker Kaizo, especially in the first section.

The first jumps on the bats and on the bouncing are really awkward to align correctly due to the ceiling you put there.

The hack was great and very enjoyable. Once you fix the above issues, I'll be happy to remoderate your hack.