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Super Adventure Island by soytak111

File Name: Super Adventure Island
Submitted: by soytak111
Authors: soytak111
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 45 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: This rom is not a reference to the game with the same name on snes
My first rom hack
Contains short levels
Hope you like it!
Tags: big boo boss, chuck, cloud, leaf, secret exits, shell, special world, yoshi
I'm rejecting because this hack feels like a low effort attempt to make a copy of Learn 2 Kaizo (not hosted in the hacks section but pretty well known), when levels are composed by a single obstacle such as jump, spin jump, doing X thing, etc, and castles that serve as a sort of assessment between worlds.

In addition to that, many message boxes have grammar mistakes such as "whit" instead of "with", or "gess" instead of "guess", etc. Some examples:

Regarding our core values, this hack violates a couple of them.

Hacks should attempt to make something new
The hack intents to be a sort of Learn 2 Kaizo, or kaizo tutorial hack.

Hacks should have care put into their graphics
There's massive cutoff in some of the levels and pretty disorienting graphics choices for different blocks (i.e. hurt and on/off blocks).

I strongly suggest to give a second eye to the hack, and maybe rethink a bit the purpose of it. Getting some additional testing would be useful too. If you want, you can reach me on discord if you want help or more info about this reject, but sadly in this current state, the hack is not acceptable.