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Super Mario World: 2-World Turf War v1.3.4 by neptunes-bad-at-hacking

File Name: Super Mario World: 2-World Turf War v1.3.4
Submitted: by neptunes-bad-at-hacking
Authors: neptunes-bad-at-hacking
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 13 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Many random levels I made all in one hack.
Edited graphics, made gameplay smoother, removed unneeded items
Thanks for playing!
There are a number of issues that make this hack a reject;

- Mario dies on the title screen, you haven't patched it to avoid the bug that occurs when this happens normally.
- The Title Screen is a mess, and the level shown on the title screen is full of cutoff.
- Cutoff in the 'Home Base' level.
- This one is less of a direct problem, but are there meant to be no paths on the overworld?
- First level is fine, but has a number of strange sprite placements and sections of jarring cutoff.
- Second level is the same as the title screen; full of cut off, and it doesn't really contain much of a level.
- East Island I is more of the same, with issues of cutoff and very short level design.
- East Island II is another simple level, has less cutoff problems but it's still certainly prevalent.
- Inter-Island Bridge is rather short, cutoff persists, and the level itself leaves much to be desired.
- West Island I is actually a bit more interesting to play through, but it still has cutoff issues and certain sections are odd in design.
- West Island II falters again, so many questionable decisions, sections off screen, pipes that lead to death, and a room full of far too many koopas. Not a particularly well designed level.
- Pre-Castle Battle makes little sense, and is another level full of cutoff and strange design, while also being very short.
- Castle! First door leads to a level with a vertical section but no scrolling, meaning you have no real way of getting out once in that section.

That is just the first two worlds. That was enough for me to determine that as it stands, this hack does not meet the quality to be accepted. I think you have a few good ideas, but you certainly need to refine your designs to avoid cutoff, and create more engaging levels.