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How can i transfer all Asar Patches, Custom Blocks, Custom Sprites, Custom Music, and UberASM From one ROM to another

I downloaded the BLDC2 Baserom, and i created a new ROM for my upcoming hack. How can i transfer all these stuff from one hack to another without copying the file itself or the levels?

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The easiest way would be to create a .bat file for each resource in Notepad and then run that. For instance, the KLDC baserom has a command like this:

@echo off
"pixi_v1.2.13 (spritetool)\pixi.exe" -l "pixi_v1.2.13 (spritetool)\list.txt" baserom.smc

Alternatively, you may have to reinsert every resource the traditional way, which is by running the tools themselves.

However, you can't insert anything in the BLDC2 baserom (as well as BLDC) because the resources were already inserted and they don't come with folders, which could lead to complications. It's best to just use it as-is, anyway.
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What Katerpie says is true but you're in luck, as I made source of the BLDC2 baserom is public: But it is complicated to make changes to, especially if you aren't familiar with either the Dynamic Spritesheet System or the Lunar Helper build tool.