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Super Mario Bros. Remix (Unfinished Project)

Hello everyone.

I worked on this hack for a long time, almost 10 years ago. I lost all tools and files, but I found the hack perse.

I would like to reimagine my original idea with a much better focus or at least, reuse the good stuff I managed to do on the original.

It has its issues, some questionable decisions and grammar mistakes. Some ASM corrupted it at some parts.
Overall, it's beatable to the point I got making it but I want to share it and get opinions about it.

Here's the link:

The story of the game starts as Mario is on "vacation".
He gets a call from Toad to help him on some plumbing (Puzzle stage). Once there, he finds a past enemy Seeking revenge. This catapults the story to much complexity and to the real plot.

The complete idea was to mix the Mario world with the Zelda II one. You end up finding the crystals from the palaces and around the middle of the plot, you, as the player find out that Bowser is working with "Link's Shadow" from Zelda II who wanted to destroy everything or something like that... #smw{@_@}

Sounds like a cool Idea for the 15yo me. Not sure if objectively it does.

>>Super Mario Bros. Remix<< [DEMO]v1
*NEW* features:
-Compatible with most (if not all) emulators
-Fixed some bugs & Re-addressed patches (it was a real mess)
-New level designs/re-edited levels
-New & custom GFX/ExGFX
-New & custom music
-Over 25 exits
looking for a BETA TESTER and/or a LP VIDEO MAKER from youtube to play MY HACK.(new version)

...if inteserted just PM me ;)