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Ancient Aliens (Doom 2 Megawad) - Colliding Nebulae


Let's try this once again shall we? maybe the third time's the charm?

Song Name - Colliding Nebulae

Specifics - I want this port to try and take some elements from Xeotroid's arrangement of the original song since I feel it captures Stuart 'Stewboy' Rynn's intentions for the song, but feel free improvise if needed.

Sampled - Ideally I would like it to be lightly sampled, but feel free to put in extra samples as need. I will specify however that I want the orchestral hits in the song to use the Orchestral hits from the arcade version of Gradius 3.

Audio References - I got a few right here:

The Original Midi File

Xeotroid's cover/arrangement of it

The Original Midi being played back on a Roland SC-55

My personal stash of Gradius 3 Arcade Samples, which also contains the aforementioned orchestral hits

Supporting this request.
Would be really neat to see more ports of Ancient Aliens' songs, since for now it has only one #smw{^_^}

♪ Something in the way... ♪
Stewboy from the Doom modding community makes good music in general, and I would support this request as well because I want to see more people appreciate his music and port it for SMW hacking purposes.
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Projects I support:

Supporting this request because I love more Doom midi ports on SMWCentral.

Have a frost day~
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