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🦴 Mr. Witchy's Halloween Bone Hunt 🦴

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I'm Back!

Hey~hey! It's your favourite Halloween Treat. It is I,  Mr. Switchy! After a long hiatus, I've decided it's time to return to SMW Central. How have you all been!? I've missed you guys!

Now, I wouldn't return to SMW Central without a game, would I? May I introduce you to, Mr. Witchy's Halloween Bone Hunt!

Your task is simple.

I have hidden 15 bones across SMW Central's website. Yes, 15. Now, by "across SMW Central's website", I mean basically anywhere. Like, they're not going to be anywhere a user can't see (like my PM box), but yeah basically anywhere. Forums, news articles, the RAM map, who knows. Some are easy to find, some are a bit harder.

This is an example of what you're looking for.

Imagine bouncing through Morton's Castle, and you see this bad boy hurtling towards you.

That bone does not count as 1 of the 15!

You have 48 hours from now (follow the timer at the top of the site) to find as many bones as you can. If you find at least one, you get a nice pile of bones trophy:

And if you're an absolutely dedicated SMW Central Bone Hunter and find all 15, you get this nice Dry Bones trophy:

How cool!?

Once you've found some bones, send me a nice little PM detailing where you found the bones. Send me links to the places you found them, and please be kind and link the links with the link button from the toolbar so I can quickly click on them and check (because I'll have a lot to check!). If you send your bones in, and find another, you can send me another PM with your updates - no problem! Or, you can just wait until the end and PM them to me in one go.

Once the bones dissapear (in 48 hours), you'll have another after that to send me your bone locations. See the timer at the top of the site for exact timings!

And a final note...
This is a fun game - so let's not spoil it for everyone! No cheating; no scripts to find bones; no sharing your answers with anyone else; etc. The bone locations are TOP SECRET, and only one person knows where they are aside from me, so staff members and admins can take part too.

You best get hunting!


Don't count these either btw ^
Oh no! Fake bone alert! Where are they moderators?
I am fake bone.
Bones? I like Boones!
That was easy...
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i touch my bone at night
Hey~hey! So, looks like the bones have gone, huh? Boy, was that fun?

Time for the results!

Let's tell you all where the bones were. Split by how difficult I intended them to be...

Easy Ones
1) The SMWC2 launch thread - recent thing, seemed easy!
2) Legal Information page - the law is important, so I hope everyone checks this page regularly. If you break the law,  Chester might start throwing false accusations at you, like he did me.
3) The description of the Old Tutorials forum - bones are old, so are the tutorials in here.
4) KLDCX rules thread - I can't play Kaizo but I hid one here for fun.
5) Music section - yeah, yeah, easy one. I know!

Medium Ones
6) B&G, but the fourth post down - I bet some of you looked here and didn't scroll down...
7) YI FAQ: Errors & Technical Fixes page - Yoshi lays eggs, and this was an egg hunt. So... Wait... What?
8) SM64 ASM forum description - I saved you the trouble of looking through the threads in here. You should be thankful.
9) Old Infraction Log (in collapse tag) - I'm cheeky and hid it even further than you would have expected! Haha!
10) Mr. Witchy Slots thread - ahhh, the memories this one brings me! Should've been obvious I'd hide one in my OWN thread!

Hard Ones
11) Yoshi's Lost His Eggs Again thread - what a silly billy! Imagine loosing your eggs!
12) News - Page 70 - sorry to everyone who scanned 70 pages looking for it
13) SMW Graphics: Paper Mario Styled Mario - this was intended to be the hardest bone, but some of you managed to find it! Well done.
14) Welcome thread from the Ruins of the Fortress of Seclusion - wow, secret forums sound cool. I wonder if there are any secret forums on the site today7331?
15) Norveg thread in the SMWCP2 forum - buried deep in the depths of World 9...

Now, let's do some statistics! While you were all hunting for bones - I spent the weekend learning how to use a thing called "Microsoft Excel" to keep track of who found what. It's a great tool. I highly recommend. #ad

340 bones were found during the weekend! How cool is that?

Of all the bones found, 54% of found bones were the easy ones, 34% of bones found were the medium ones, and 13% of them were the hard ones. Makes sense.

Statistically, the easiest bone to find was in the Music section! Found by 81% of users.

Statistically, the hardest bone to find was the one I hid in a random SMW Graphics submission on the first page of the section. I'm so naughty!

Here are some charts:

Oh, and now for the actual results... Sorry. Almost forgot.

Click that for the full results table!

Now, it looks like my bone hiding spots were a little too crafty, and only one user managed to find them all. So! I'm not going to be mean. Therefore, instead of just giving one user the top trophy, all users who found 12 or more bones will receive...

And everyone else who entered will receive...

Your trophies will be awarded soon...

And that's all! I hope you had fun!

See you next Halloween... Or maybe sooner... Who knows!?
lol I found the Bar & Grill one by accident
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Congrats bebn for finding all of them!

I'm glad that I can get the full trophy despite having found less. I definitely didn't feel like going to page 70 of the news for a bone #smrpg{:D}
but i found the 15 on the event page!
Check out my DKC rips!

Uh, Mr. Witchy, I hate to tell you this, but the link to the Old Infraction Log in your post instead leads to the Tutorials forum.

Still, what a cool idea for a Halloween event! I honestly didn't feel like participating - not because I wasn't interested, but because more interesting things were going on at the time - but hopefully I'll end up participating in the next one!
Kinda in hibernation for a while. I hope to be back in full swing soon.
It was a fun game I enjoyed hours trying to do, even if I was so close to getting all of them.

But congrats bebn for finding all of them!
Oh, glad to see this! I was just boucing on SMWC when I decided to participate in the hunt. I raged a little bit (mostly because this last bone I didn't find) but it worth. Ah, and also helped me to know more about the site!

This was a fun event for the first few hours before i descended into madness searching through every post in the forums
It was definitely much harder than the egg hunts we've had in the past... to the point i almost feel some of the placements were unfair lol
But i am glad that the top trophy was made a little more lenient so it isn't just the Bebn Trophy instead (by the way, congrats bebn! xD)

Originally posted by Ringo
I'm glad that I can get the full trophy despite having found less. I definitely didn't feel like going to page 70 of the news for a bone #smrpg{:D}

This! I searched for the first 20 and last 20 pages and thought i was done.
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I actually enjoyed hunting for bones on the site, even more so knowing now that one of the most difficult bones in this gimmick is my own submission!


But anyway, it was really good! #smrpg{y}
My first hack is in Works in Progress!
You can check it here.
There was actually a secret 16th bone in the Screenshots & Videos Thread that Tahix I mean Mr. Witchy changed his mind about and removed (look closely at the edit date on the OP). :teehee:

But ya that was fun, thank you for organizing this!

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