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Donut Dodo - Fun House Fiasco


Track Name
Fun House Fiasco


Audio Reference
Please familiarize yourself with the Music Requests Rules.

Originally posted by Music Request Rules

2. Provide a MIDI, SPC, tracker file, or some other form of readable note data.

Porting by ear takes a lot of time and effort, especially for more complex songs, so help out the porters by providing them with something to base their port off of. Additionally, make sure whatever file you provide is of sufficient quality; for example, piano-only MIDIs/sheet music, or MIDIs with tons of note errors, are not satisfactory since they'd require redoing considerable parts of the song by ear, which brings us back to square one. Failing to provide this will likely end up in your request being ignored or canceled.

If you plan to re-request it, please provide some Note Data References.