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2024 Event Calendar


This is the Event Calendar for 2024. Contests may have their dates moved as necessary, or be completely removed from the calendar.

As you can see, the calendar looks a bit different this year. Because the PR team is currently working on a lot of non-contest related projects (including that Hall of Fame you see on the calendar), we need the extra time to plan everything out. Thus, we won't be having as many big contests this year than in previous years. Don't worry though, we'll still have a lot of smaller contest sprinkled in throughout the year. (OWDC fans should stay tuned for March!)

Feel free to discuss events and suggest new ones in this thread. If you have event suggestions for events, or questions or comments about any of the calendar dates, feel free to either post them in this thread or send a PM to DeppySlide, or any other Public Relations staff member.

Start dateEnd dateEvent
Jan 6 Feb 12 Questionable HackJam #1
Feb 17 Feb 17 SMW Central 2023 Hall of Fame Ceremony
Feb 23 Feb 27 SMW Central Creativity Convention: Winter 2024
Apr 1 Apr 15 A Level Design Contest
June 1 July 1 VLDC14: Standard/Kaizo Hybrid Edition
Jul 13 Aug 13 Super Famicompo #6
Aug 23 Aug 27 SMW Central Creativity Convention: Summer 2024
Sep 14 Oct 19 HackJam #2
Dec 2 Dec 16 Mosts 2024
Alright! Glad to see this is up! Hopefully I can partake in the next VLDC this time. Also, interesting that Kaizo is also going to be involved too. I guess I don't need to worry if my level ends up being too hard now I suppose...
Lots of surprises in store. I'll look forward to the events over the years. Good stuff, Event Managers. #w{=)}
OMG! That's a lot of surprises for the next year!

I wonder what Hall of Fame would be like. I don't think I've seen anything like that on SMW Central. I also like the new formula for VLDC. Could be the same for BLDC and maybe CLDC. Totally didn't expect a Questionable HackJam and I'm not sure if I can do anything for that. However, a brand new edition of regular HackJam sounds nifty and that one might be a chance for me to exist.

Originally posted by OP
(OWDC fans should stay tuned for March!)

I have a Discord server as well! (by joining, you agree to the rules)
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.

Hurray, it will finally be VLDC14 #smrpg{<3}

What does Inaugural SMWCentral Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & A Level Design Contest mean?

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
More details about both of those events will be coming in the future.
I like how you are experimenting with different kinds of contest events.
Modern Redrawn Mario Bros. 1.5 (last update - February 14, 2023, some new bonus frames, tons of minor touchups to various poses)

On Pixel Art Requests: Depends on what it is and if I have the time for it. If its complex and I don't have the time, don't expect me to accept it.

Projects I support:

"A Level Design Contest", April 1, Hmm... #tb{¬_¬}

Also we now have "Questionable Hackjam"? Yessss :O
My 1st romhack in progress (testing avaiable)...
I just hope that next year I will have time and capacity to participate to at least one contest.
They have a good way to get ahead #smrpg{gasp} #smrpg{y}
Great successes to end and start the year.
I wish I had the same luck as Bonobi next year...
If there was more time in my tray
This is looking interesting!
I'm excited for VLDC14, hopefully i will have some time to go back to participating in a VLDC (which i haven't done since my first time on VLDC11)
It's cool that the Standard/Kaizo hybrid format is returning after this year's OLDC!

Also, is "A Level Design Contest" just a currently undefined contest, or will it be a new ALDC?
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Ouhh Yes guys!!!

The next year will be other VLDC! And more surprises #smw{:D}
Even though I'm new here, maybe one day I'll have time to participate in these events.
(Sorry my English is not good lol)
Its a me Mario number one yahoooo
I was thinking about the possibility of the ASM Workshop returning, this time with major changes. (streams, a new structure, etc)
Late reply, but its exciting to see there's likely gonna be another super famicompo. After missing last one, I'm def marking my calendar for then. It'll be my first ever event to participate in.
Axolotls 4 life
VLDC14,Still a mix of Kaizo and Standard like OLDC this year
It looks like that.
I like this kind of competition about level design.
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