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Bullet System


This UberASM can handle ~40 bullets with no lag. Depending on which other sprites are on screen.

Includes a sprite to generate them. Through the extra bytes you can set speed, interval + offset from the interval, yxppccct, which tile to use for graphics, a wait time before they start moving and if to kill them after a set amount of time. They can also aim at mario.

You can also define new bullet types easily.
Not SA-1 compatible by default.
More in the readme.

Oh My Gosh #wario{O_o}

Excellent work! :D

Also, this Sprite/UberASM Level Generator makes me remember that a similar bullet system that we can see in the final bosses from the Jump ROM Hacks, like the giant robot from the last level/castle of Jump, and, Bowser & Battlesuit Morsel from Jump 1/2

Very nice! #w{<3}
insert touhou sequence playing in smw