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Donkey Kong World


Hello everyone,
I want to present you a demo of a hack that I've been working on for a few months now. I'm planning to remake the entire first Donkey Kong Country game as a Mario World hack.
I just finished the first world and I would like some feedback on the result so far.

I tried to replicate every mechanic of DKC, for example:
- Luigi is DK and Mario is Diddy, you can switch them at any time by pressing Select (Need to find a DK barrel first)
- Luigi/DK is slower but have a stomp attack to kill nearby enemies by pressing down.
- Mario/Diddy is faster and jump higher, but there's some enemies he can't defeat by jumping on it.
- A dash attack acts as the roll attack from DK and Diddy in DKC. You can also do a late jump if you dash off a platform
- I tried to replicate all enemies behaviour, some have DKC graphics, some are adapted from Mario's enemies.
- Collecting 3 Animal Tokens will bring you to a bonus level.

Try the demo HERE

I still have to do the intro, but all the rest should work well up to the end of world 1.

I hope you will enjoy this demo and thank you for sharing you taught about it.
The trick sounds pretty good
success in what you do
It sounds fun to recreate DKC with SMW mechanics
This hack is pretty awesome
This demo was pretty awesome, I would love to see a full release!#smrpg{gasp}#smrpg{gasp}
What every ROM hack enjoyer would look forward to playing!

How you created this hack is so far amazing, and everything with the characters' jump and mobility mechanics are something to keep an eye on as well! Recreating Donkey Kong Country under the SMW game itself will be interesting, and if all goes well, re-create DKC2 and DKC3!