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Pärla Archipelago - name might still change


Hi everyone!

I am Yui and I want to present my current work in progress, my Super Mario World Hack: Pärla Archipelago! After some more work on the hack after a hiatus and a very stressful HD recovery, I decided to make a forum post of the project. This is not my first attempt at a hack, but will be my first completed one, if everything goes right. It is a traditional hack, with non-kaizo difficulty.

This is a quite large hack, which will contain a total of 11 worlds, one of them being a bonus world, accessible by star roads - and many bonus rooms hidden in various levels as well! Each one of the 11 worlds will contain one hidden moon for the player to find. Also following the SMW tradition, there will be four Switch Palaces to be found.

The atmosphere of this hack is similar enough to the original SMW, though with many added things, lots of custom ExGFX and music, also taking inspiration from other well-known games.

Here are some screenshots of the project:

There is still not a set date in which the hack will be finished, I will keep this post updated.
Hope you enjoyed and look forward to the hack! ♪
Have been excited for VLDC for quite some time. I got
frustrated when I found out there would be no compilation, since I was wanting to be a part of something.
Yui, I'm very looking forward to your ROM hack; 11 worlds to complete to 100% this project!

According to screenshots provided, I think this hack will play out similar to the Pink Gold Peach hacks like NSMW 1 Powered Up. Maybe this project might play great in comparison to some hacks by Gamma V.

I hope this project is coming along very well!