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These are badges from Mario Wonder. Most of these are adapted codes from the UberASM section, but some have been custom coded. The parachute cap sprite has been coded by yoshifanatic. You must place it at the start of every level.
For the sound off badge, you need to insert a pause SFX with no sound as 2F with AMK. You can do this by copying the sfx and deleting everything on the first line except for the #asm tag
Added v1.01 which fixes some issues from the first release

Demo of the parachute cap included in this pack:

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This is so cool, will be using this in my hack, will also give credit too
Wow, this so such a neat gimmick you come up with. I have found more badges you could us If you are working on a Super Mario Bros. Wonder like hack.

For UberASM codes, you have Automatic Alternating Jumps (if this act just like these boost blocks), Consistent Vanilla Walljumps (which now call it Wall-Climb Jump, Just 1 walljump will be good if you could combined it with the Wall Kick v1.1 or the Wall Kick patch), Invisible Mario (If you could make the enemies stop chasing or following the player), SMB2-styled Charged Jump, and SMB2/SMA Style Luigi Scuttle v1.1 (which now call it Floating High Jump). There is a new one call Always Wall-run (which now call it Wall-Dash)

For patches, you have Improved SMB2 Hi-Jump, and SM64 Sequential Jumping/Triple Jump 2.0 (which now call it Timed High Jump).

Those are some cool badges ideas I have for you. I hope you will start to update them. But great job you did here.
The timed hi-jump badge would require messing with the SPC700 code and would require a lot of end user configuration. It's just not worth it.
Check out my DKC rips!