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Here's ixtab's Bowser boss sprite converted over to PIXI



The objective of this boss is to get the shells from the Koopas Bowser spawns and kick them to the boss, which will make it roll while dodging fire/explosion attacks and spike falling from the ceiling. The player must do this until the boss gets near the edge next to the lava where he falls and gets defeated.

I noticed this unique boss sprite by  Ixtab that was sitting around in the section still using the dated Spritetool. I decided to convert it myself to PIXI, since no one else did so in the years since the sprite was released. And converting it was simpler than I thought it would be.

There's some odd behavior and other qualms with this boss, and I'm making this thread so people could give detailed feedback for this sprite and hopefully gauge interest for a proper update to be submitted to the section, which would include SA-1 support and a level end/level clear trigger, among other changes.

Notes: Requires DSX and No More Sprite Tile Limits. The included bbgfx patch is patched using Asar.
Edit: Added readme
Looks very, VERY good. Anybody got thoughts on this?
Nice! I've always wondered what was up with this boss, and the lack of proper screenshots - and footage, for that matter - never really made me curious enough to find out myself (more so after the spritetool change).
Apologies for the double post, but I got some feedback about the sprite:

◉ According to its code (+ graphic files), Bowser is supposed to throw Boss Fireballs (the ones used by Ludwig), Sumo Bros Fire and Hammers, yet the sprite only uses the ceiling spikes attack, explosive flame, and the "spawn Parakoopa" thing. That's probably worth looking into, given there are moments in which the sprite tries to do attack yet nothing comes out of it.
◉ This is more of a nitpick than anything, but Bowser doesn't change direction when Mario switches sides, meaning it always pushes the player towards the left corner when touched.