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When I complete a level, Mario won't move on the overworld map unless you move him.

Hey guys. I hope all is well. I actually ran into this issue a couple of times, and not really sure how to fix this, and me working on my current romhack I ran into this issue again. So when I complete a level, usually Mario goes in the direction on the overworld you assign him to go, however when you complete the level for example, if you set mario to go to the right on the overworld map, he won't move unless you move him to the right, then start the new level. anyone knows how to fix this issue? Any help would be appricated
Chances are, it's one of the no-auto-move levels which SMW uses for the switch palaces. You can change that under Overworld > Change No-Auto-Move Levels...
Thanks so much I really appreciate it as long as I been romhacking I never knew about that. It fixed my situation. thanks again!