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SMW Central Youtube Channel?

Does smw central have a youtube channel?
Also, can you guys adjust the volume of the sounds effects in your smws... i like watching the hacks you guys do and listening to it on youtube but the sound effects pinging every few seconds (that is louder than the ambient music is kinda tiring after awhile && also can you guys slow it down sometimes my eyes get all blurring when im trying to watch you guys play/demo your worlds... ) or like make it look like a challenge even when its not...

i really enjoyed mario for all seasons by wye that's great and recently been watching the smw map designs which was great (excellent music choices and cool/interesting designs) except the beeping of moving to new map level if that could sound effect could be lowered?

also, what's this about ?

i've only been able to find what i can on youtube by luck of research... this was a good find.

But yeah can someone tell me the main youtube channel you guys have ? or make one?
thanks for the great work you guys have been doing

//im just someone that likes watching your creations on yt... and occasionally play some of the words..
We do have an official YouTube channel, but it’s no longer actively maintained.

For SFX loudness issues, it’s up to SMW hack creators who using custom music; the loudness level of each SMW music has some differences, and experienced SMW hackers usually change the global volume of each song to ensure the song and SFX sounds good altogether.

And for listening SMW music on YouTube, we don’t have one for every song available in the music section; you will have to rely on the built in preview feature of music section, or play it through YouTube channels maintained by other people.
thanks for your reply, i appreciate it :-) ...and yeah i found smw central yt channel but noticed it wasn't being updated. i checked out your yt channel, cool music ! umm... i guess you like music too... has anyone made any variations or styles like DK3 music

or DOREMI fantasy

or gunman’s proof

or are these too off topic for smw?
Thanks for your appreciation of my YouTube channel, I am happy to hear that!

Originally posted by frinkiac
has anyone made any variations or styles like DK3 music

If you really want one for your SMW hack, you can try to make a thread in Requests forum; be sure to read the rules, though.
Here is at least one of the songs you mentioned

Submap Shuffle here is a link to Submap Shuffle from DKC3 you can apply filters to the sections to look for individual games, and if it doesn't exist on there, you could always request it like mentioned by others