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Byte Converter v1.4.0


Byte Converter

A tool for converting and visualizing values in binary, decimal, and hexadecimal at the same time, with live update.

I'm not a genius and sometimes (i.e., often) I need a tool to quickly convert $C3 to binary to understand which damn bits are on and which are off. This is not the greatest tool ever, but all solutions I found online (first page of Google results) don't feature live update (having to click three buttons to convert a number is not where I want to be), don't provide simultaneous bin/dec/hex view, and have a UI that will make a breatharian that hasn't eaten in three years instantly jet vomit. So I made a tool that suits my needs, enjoy.

Online Version | Download HTML

  • Edit and view binary, decimal, and hexadecimal numbers with live update.
  • Choose between 8 and 16 bit display.
  • Navigate and edit quickly thanks to several keyboard shortcuts.
  • Calculator with basic arithmetic and logical operations included.

The source code can be found on GitHub.
The click-to-edit feature is really neat! I am super appreciated.
nice to have an online tool for this... probably it would save a lot of time if by clicking on the binary it changes already the value (if 0 then by clicking it becomes 1 and viceversa) like in the build in windows calculator
Very nice tool. This should do better than the usage of Windows Calculator.
Update v1.1.0

- Allow to switch typing direction from right to left.
- Allow to disable movement after typing a digit.
- Allow to flip binary bits when clicking on a digit.
- Allow to customize caret appearance (bar, box, underline).
- Allow to use tab to move between elements.
- Add hotkeys for changing settings.
- Add bit-index labels above digits.

- Restyle entire page.
- Rename "Insertion" to "Typing Mode", "Add&Shift" to "Insert", and "Replace" to "Overwrite".

- Make page responsive.

Pretty nice little tool! It's very cleanly done. Some QOL suggestions:

  • Using the up/down arrow keys to move the cursor also scrolls the screen, so I recommend preventing the default on that.
  • Adding space as a "flip selected bit" keybind. Space also scrolls the screen by default in browsers, so you'd need to prevent the default there as well.
  • Adding a slightly bigger gap between the two bytes in the number, to make it easier to figure out what bit you're on.
  • Maintaining bits when you swap between byte/word lengths. Currently they seem to be maintained as two separate numbers. I'd suggest maintaining both as a single number of word length, then trimming it for the byte value.

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Update v1.2.0

- Implement calculator, supporting addition, subtraction, logical AND, logical OR, and logical XOR between two operands.
- Add support for signed decimals (decimals can be negative).
- Allow to hide any of the editors.
- Allow to add some space every 4 or 8 digits for readability.
- Increment/decrement the selected digit by 1 by pressing space/shift-space. This is the equivalent of a bit flip in binary.

- Reorganize settings section.

- Prevent default keyboard event when typing characters and moving with arrows.
- Preserve high byte when editing in "Byte" mode.

Thanks for the suggestions!
A very useful tool, if not potentially a must-have in the Online Tools section if it ever ends up there.
very nice update! I think I'll use this quite often.
Update v1.3.0

- Show a custom keyboard on mobile.
- Allow to mark binary and hexadecimal numbers as signed (they can be negative).

- Preserve high byte when clearing a value in "Byte" mode.

Update v1.4.0

- Implement digit shifts.
- Allow to display keyboard on desktop, in compact or full mode.
- Add command to negate the selected number.
- Bind all commands that can be performed on the editor to hotkeys.

- Restyle keyboard.
- Rename "&", "|", and "^" to "AND", "OR", and "XOR" respectively.
- Reorganize settings (again).
- Improve instructions.
- Remove "X" button next to editor, since it's now redundant with the "Clear" command.

I'm pretty satisfied where the tool is right now. Unless some bugs or features requests pop up, I won't touch this for a while.