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Fishing Season 3


hey, guess who's back at romhacking??

That's right, from the creator of the critically acclaimed "The Hooray: Fishing Season" and "Fishing Season 2" comes a new romhack! Bringing to you the creativity of Fishing Season into a project that's gonna be bigger, stronger, and fresher than ever.

Now my friend, I image that you may have a eh, *few* questions,, so let me ask and answer a few all by myself!

Q1: What the heck is a Fishing Season???
A1: The Hooray! Fishing Season is a ROMhack released in 2016 by author MellyMellouange, known at the time as "Mandew", describing itself as a quirky and condensed hack. And indeed, as this small 14-exit hack is packed with hand made ASM and custom music, it's a guaranteed good time! Piqued your interest? Go here to find out more:

Fishing Season 2 is its sequel! In this one, you play as original character Nancy as she must beat up Wendy to save all the fish in the world. If perhaps less flaunting with its custom ASM, the level design is more mature, much more refined, and a little bit more challenging than what you'd see in first game. All in another 14-exit variety pack that'll leave you wanting for more! Check it out here:

So, now what we're all caught up...

Q2: Ok so, what's the deal with Fishing Season 3, then?
A2: Here's my vision for this project. Imagine all the breezy, fresh goodness of known of the Fishing Season series... but on a much, oh so much grander scale! 7 full worlds packed with only the best and most inspired of ideas. Emphasizing variety to enhance the overall quality, kept all throughout -- without keeping a single speck of filler contents. Every secret exit coming with its own fulfilling challenges. All wrapped up with a cute little story to go along with it. That's the romhack I'm aiming to make here.

Of course, this time I don't plan on relying solely on my own music, graphics or ASM. I'll be borrowing a lot of stuff stuff. I plan on creditting every asset I'm using in detail. But to be honest, when it comes to game design -- it's never about the individual pieces, but how it all comes together.

Q3: Oh, story huh, what's the story, tell me the story Melly!
A3: Patience, pal o' mine! I can't go spoiling every fun detail right off the bat ~! But you can bet your bacon I'll be unveiling more as the project progresses!!

Q4: So, when can I play the ROMhack?
A4: I'll be updating this thread periodically with new info. Stay tuned and you'll be the first to know when a demo is available!

Any questions of your own? Post 'em in the thread and I'll be sure to answer 'em!
Time to play go fish! 🎣

Looks very interesting. I'm looking forward to it.