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Check it out in the Online Tools section!

tl;dr Use AMK-like MML to generate sound effect hex bytes.

Howdy. Here's a tool I put together to make SFX creation much less of a hassle. We've already come a long way thanks to Pinci's SFX creation tutorial so one can actually know what they're doing while making SFX without having to rely on AMK's semi-documented buggy MML syntax, but even so, having to deal with a bunch of hex bytes remains confusing and tedious for anything moderately complex.

That's where this tool comes in! You can type in MML syntax very similar to AMK's, and the tool will convert it into hex, ready to be inserted with AddmusicK! You'll find all the details of what commands are supported and their valid ranges within the tool itself, but if "I don't have to type hex by hand" somehow isn't inciting enough, the tool also has:
  • Support for the h command, so you can pitch everything up or down without having to retype every single byte. (And similarly for the o command with octaves.) It even works on pitch bends!
  • Basic error checking for invalid syntax (which becomes ?), and out-of-range values (which get clamped). Errors get reported too!
  • Note syntax for pitch bends, like $DD has in song MML.

And of course, please let me know if you find any bugs, have suggestions for features, or have any general comments! I've tried my best to feed it all sorts of weird input, but you never know what weird fringe cases slipped past me.

Happy SFX making!
Hey , this is great! I always wished for more custom sfx!