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Random Access Memoby


Random Access Memoby is a Standard: Very Hard hack with 5 exits. It is an experiment in mystery, faith, and frustration.

Thousands of hours of market research have determined this: the beloved tradition of the "gauntlet level" is best completed via practice and memorization. Many famous "SUPER MARIO WORLD" players, streamers, consumers, enjoyers etcetra can agree to this. However, now, to all of them, we say, "fuck you".

In "Random Access Memoby", you cannot trust anything. Enemies are randomized. Setups will shuffle around. And worst of all, our dear Mario himself will randomize his own physics with every attempt. To play this hack is to fight against God, to pray to a void that cannot hear you, to realize that you are not in control of your life and there's nothing you can do about it. This is an evil hack. And now you can play it

The Team:
 Alex (level design)
snoruntpyro (level design)
 Lazy (overworld)
 Mellonpizza (ASM)

I like this a lot, it's a really good model of how the mind works and it's a little bit like a scary SCP.
Was wondering if you had a tracklist on hand for this one, lotta good tunes in there
Originally posted by GoldenFloor8
Was wondering if you had a tracklist on hand for this one, lotta good tunes in there

Title screen is "EarthBound - Deeper Into Ness' Subconscious".
Overworld is "SMW Central Production 2 - Playful Breeze".
1st level is "Kirby Super Star - Peanut Plains".
2nd level is "Mystic Warriors - Life & Lodge".
3rd level is "Brandish 2: The Planet Buster - Dark Zone".
4th level is "Dungeon (3mix) - Revelations: the Demon Slayer (Last Bible III Remix)".
Final level is "Majin Tensei 2: Spiral Nemesis - Theme of Endless".
Boss is "Contra 3 - the final gauntlet 2".
Credits are "Secret of Mana - Now Flightless Wings".