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Super Mario World: The Isle Path


I have no idea how to start this, I have never done this before.

This is my first hack I've started working on that even barely reaches a level of being presentable.
It's really simple at the moment, who would've guessed.

I suppose I should give the unfinished intro screen the ability to actually say the plot of the story,

It's really simple but I'm trying to do anything but 'Princess Peach has been captured again.'

I clearly can't continue this section any longer, so this is what the currently made overworld looks like at startup,

And this is what it looks like when you finish all of the levels I've currently made,

And now I'm going to just show off a bunch of levels I've made so far before I get to the most impressive-but-not-really part of the hack,

Ok now for the big gimmick for the hack,

This thing.
I call it the 'Scorch Flower' not the Ice Flower, it's supposed to be blue fire, but blue is also commonly Ice in things related to Mario.
Let me be real with you for a second, this is just a Fire Flower and Hammer Power-up hybrid.
It goes through walls and actually does more damage to enemies that take multiple fireballs to kill, not a one-shot though.
It can break a few specific blocks for puzzles and things like that, usually extra for a 1-up or something.
And I suppose I should show off how this looks on Mario,

Yeah, it's just regular Fire Mario but with blue overalls.
And I suppose I'm done now.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, Yoshi is just hanging out at 3 three camps around the map,
He was not shoved into an egg,

You're new here, right? I recommend watching tutorial for beginners if you want.
Although the project is new, I hope for a lot of interesting things soon.

I've actually started working on a level designed around the Scorch Flower, so here's a couple more previews of it,

(Some of these blocks are going to change)
The Island Belt itself,

Took a tiny break,
back at it again.

Just a bit of advice; when you take screenshots, try taking a screenshot with your emulator's built-in screenshot function, that way the screenshots aren't so large (and are easier to look at). This is required when submitting your hack, but it's still a good idea for your thread to keep things easy to see

If you're on snes9x, you would do this: (which saves it to the screenshot folder where snes9x.exe is)

Then you'll get something that looks like this instead

If you're on another SNES emulator, try poking around it's menu
Check out some of my websites!
if your emulator is ZMZ, tap F1 and then Save Snapshot/Screenshot. that way, the screenshots will be saved in the same folder as the emulator.

you can choose to save between .jpg and .png.