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Yoshifanatic's ASM Showoff: Part 17

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It's that time again, is it? Happy C3 guys! :)

So, what's ol' Yoshifanatic been up to lately? Quite a few things, as usual. It's seems I have recently become the SMW equivalent of the Super Mario 64 hacker known as, Kaze Emanuar. Which if you know anything about what he's been doing with SM64 lately, you ought to be very excited about what I'm about to show. Without further ado:


(Patch) Overworld Revolution (WIP)

Bigger overworlds? Programmable events and path movement? Unrestricted overworld sprites? Yes please!

Please check out Soul's C3 thread, as I made this for his hack.


(Source Code) Mario & Yoshi's Strange Quests (Dev Build 2/23/24)

I wasn't just rewriting the overworld. Had to do the level sprite engine too. XD

(Note: This disassembly lacks the Lunar Magic ASM and certain resources, so it will NOT compile. Also, the unknown Easter egg names are hidden to prevent spoiling them).


(Disassembly) Chrono Trigger (Unfinished)

A timeless classic!


... And that's all I got for this C3! I hope you guys liked it! :)

My Hacks:
Mario's Strange Quest V1.6
Yoshi's Strange Quest V1.3 / V1.3.1 Beta 4.6
Mario & Yoshi's Strange Quests (2/10/2023 Build)

Other stuff:
My SMW/SMAS/SMAS+W disassembly
Yoshifanatic's Discord Server: A place for fans of my stuff and/or Yoshi to chat with others.
This is some crazy stuff there.
Overworld revolution has begun.
Keep it up!
Wow, that's really impressive. That overworld stuff looks to be next level, and I can't believe you optimized the sprite code so much. That's something that's been sorely needed for a while, because SA-1 is not always compatible on every console/emulator setup and some of the sprite expansion systems are pretty bloated in terms of performance.

Rock on #smrpg{y}
The overworld revolution just made me so fucking happy, this is the best thing I've ever seen.
Insane stuff, dude

Especially the Overworld Revolution, it has so much potential!

Have a frost day~
Overworld with full view?! This is truly revolutionary! #smw{O_O}

It's perfect for those who do RPG-styled hacks, and also the unlimited sprites can be really useful.

Great job! #smw{:TUP:}
Incredible work! This is such a game-changer!
The Overworld Revolution patch is SO interesting to me. I absolutely love that! Will definitely have to mess with it at some point! #smrpg{:D}

Good stuff with everything else too!
Art by @ScoottheBat
The overworld expansion is already the highlight of this C3. Can't wait to see how others use it.
I actually wondered if there was a way to make the OW bigger. Sure there was bigow.asm, but it was quite hard to use. I'm really glad Overworld Revolution patch was released. I did wonder how soul did it, even though I didn't expect that to be a request. While this also looks hard to use, I'm pretty sure it would lead to great to great results once a user tries it to its potential. I'm glad paths can be placed anywhere and that's a thing since I planned that for the Star World of my hack. Great job with this patch, yf!
Whoa, outstanding work on the overworld expansion! I didn't even know you would do that, and I can see there are over 8k lines of code in the main patch alone, so this is surely a huge undertaking. I'm also very glad you managed to retain all the vanilla OW functionality, especially the path fade, player border, and koopa kids. I was actually kinda concerned about that. I dunno if I will use this myself, but I might in the future! I didn't even work on a proper OW for my hack at all yet, and this gives me more freedom than I never thought I'd need! I am curious, how long did this project take you?
My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

When Yoshifanatic was making this, I expressed interest in putting this huge overworld, the enormous overworld from the My Little Pony: Rise of the Clockwork Stallions fan game, a 3,000 x 3,680 behemoth, into Super Mario World in order to better show off his patch and what it can do. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get it done in time, I actually haven't even started. This overworld will require 4 sublevels. Yoshifanatic has said this his patch can do everything in this video.

Click the character on the right side of my layout to visit my Discord server and discuss and play and look at and get updates and sneak peeks of the games and other things I'm making.

The authors of these 2 My Little Pony fan games have removed their games from the Internet.
Rise of the Clockwork Stallions has been updated! Download My Little Pony: Rise of the Clockwork Stallions DX: Director's Cut and My Little Pony: Magic Shards now! Spread this link!

That Overworld patch is on a completely different level, I'm just beyond words. Just having really big maps is one thing, and that's nothing to sneeze at, but being able to have an unrestricted amount of submaps is unreal. If this is something that we can make work, this solves a lot of foreseeable headaches (though that's a big if on if something like the Free Overworld patch or Event Tile Reveal SFX could be included as well).

With the kinds of level tilemapping shenanigans going on, does this mean that layer 1 and 2 act like how they do in levels and level tiles are assigned programatically? Does that mean, for instance, you could have a map with parallax scrolling effects or varying scroll rates across layers? Could scrolling sprites like Layer 2 scroll or autoscrolling be implemented into a map, or do only overworld compatible sprites work as intended?

Other Submissions of mine!
I say I want a revolution! That's so amazing. I'm kind of glad I'm not ready to release my hack yet, because that's worth investigating!

Chapter Two: Land of No Shame
As always, your work is top notch! I enjoy.
I had a feeling it would be the overworld back when you mentioned doing something revolutionary, for it was the one thing that was essentially dying to get something of an overhaul. I'm certain many others will do amazing things with this new system in place.
The overworld revolution is gonna be as huge as LM3.0's Horizontal Level Mode, (it may create LM4.0 :P)
Amazing, Keep going! #smrpg{y}
Also I hope M&YSQ will be finished one day!
My 1st romhack in progress (testing avaiable)...
Holy crap, can't believe we already have our first contenteder for "best Patch release" this early into C3. This Overworld Revolution patch looks might impressive, and like its name implies, I absolutely believe it has the potentially to revolutionize overworld creation once it's fully released. Just the screenshots and GIFs in here alone already schowcase so many crazy and interesting little details that I can't wait to see what people will make with it. That one QLDC hack with the playable overworld already showcased to great effect how much untapped potential there still is in overworlds, and I feel like this patch gets everyone a major step closer to using that potential.

And seeing new stuff from MYSQ is always fun. Even having already seen some of the sprite optimizations in your Discord server, it's still nice to see just how far they've come.
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Very impressive as usual. That overworld revolution patch is crazy. I could see it being especially useful for SMB3- and NSMB-styled hacks, but having more space available could be useful for quite a few hack concepts. I'm curious how you edit the submaps in (presumably) Lunar Magic's level editor. And as for the MYSQ dev stuff...dang, I've been wanting to rewrite SMW's sprite system for ages. You must have changed quite a lot of code in the game to make that RAM map so different (and again, I'm surprised that it would all still work in Lunar Magic). Or did you design the stuff with your own tool (or purely in ASM)?


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
The Overworld Patch is just crazy stuff! WOW, this will change a lot of things from now on, especially the narrative of the game! I am excited to see what comes out of this and to try it by myself. Overworld revolution has begun. GG!

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