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Apple Boy 3: Rise of the Stringozzi Syndicate

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Hey! It's been a bit, hasn't it?
I'm back with a new hack! And this time I'm working with Apple Boy.

Apple Boy 3: Rise of the Stringozzi Syndicate!

If you don't wanna read my waffling, here's the download link.

This is the 3rd Apple Boy game. I helped out for the last games, but this time I'm in fulltime! This game sets to improve everything done in the last game, Apple Boy 2. We're planning on having 12 worlds with 6-7 levels each, in this demo you can play the first 2, Fruitbowl City and Applewood, with a total of 14 exits.

Each level is has 3 Apple Coins, you can get them if you want but they don't do anything lol. You can also play as 1 of 2 characters, Apple Boy or Kaiden! Press R on the Overworld to swap between them. They both play different, so make sure you try them both!

Yeah, that's about it. Let us know what you think and if you find any bugs and all that lovely stuff. Cya!
Mr. Palmaro my beloved.
Oh that's really good! Since the first two hacks I told it could upgrade a bit, not a very bit, but making really changes! And now that's what I'm looking here! Even being just a demo, I could feel how well worked was that, it have brought me childhood memories, a happiness feeling I never had before!

The graphics, soundtrack, characters, gimmicks, everything here is insanity, even more fitting compared with the two games of the series, being a truly revolutionary hack. I'd say that's one of these hacks that when you play you never forget, a hack with so many details, creativity and love inserted in that I couldn't get this all well. It looks a totally original game at all!

The story is simple, yeah, but the story can't take assessment when you have a fully stuff that the player gets this game got love and passion, the way how it gets the player into the game universe is so incredible and unbelievable that makes me want to fit as each character, even the protagonist or the villains.

It can be just a demo, maybe a never unfinished demo (please tell me it's not) but it got my heart. This would get by me simply a 5/5, 10/10, 10480418041081481/10480418041081481 or 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999. I know I'm just an ant about the divine creation of this hack, but I could at least provide a .srm someday to show how I have loved play this! This is definitely one of the best hacks of the site, of the country, of the world, of the universe and the beyond-universe, so thanks for just being, New Super Mario World 3!

Discord Username: hammerersmw / hammerersmw#0
Email: [email protected]

"Is Luigi Mania a dream or we still will have a sequel?"
wow, this looks sick It seems like it was a completely new game and not a SMW hack, You two are a duo that can create revolutionary things for this page
Oh, this is very good! The graphics, soundtrack, characters, tricks, everything here is crazy, making it a truly revolutionary hack. The story is simple, yes, but it was really fun to play this demo, and my final score is over 9000000000000/10

A very unique hack with lots of unique ideas
I wish some levels were longer!
I especially love how expressive the character animations are (they even change when at low hp?!)

kaiden please clean your shoes they're literally sticking to walls
UNPERISHABLE - July 2023 Prototype (Download)
SMW: Endless Night (currently on pause)
Deviant Art account

Looks super unique and fun, I´l definitely keep an eye on this one!
C3 stuff: HDMA-Codes and Custom Music included!

1 Island Of Vanilla Feeling:

MaSeHiHa World 1:


Fun demo! I always find your setup design to be very interesting, especially for a standard: normal hack. The array of moves that Apple boy can do is really fun.

I wish the course clear theme was a little longer. It feels a bit anti-climactic.
Originally posted by NewPointless
I wish the course clear theme was a little longer. It feels a bit anti-climactic.

About the course clear theme, I promised myself it’d stay the same throughout the whole trilogy. Kaiden hasn’t stopped me yet, although fun fact, I wanted to have it in a swing rhythm for Apple Boy 2. Couldn’t figure out how to get that working, sadly.
This could be fun. What's the difficulty like?


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
Originally posted by imamelia
This could be fun. What's the difficulty like?

I'd say it's standard normal.
Mr. Palmaro my beloved.

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressDemoScreenshotsVideosTrailer