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Super Mario WorldMusicResource Release

Here are some of the ports i made recently. The Diablo port I did not get to completely finish, so it is a little rough here and there and there are still some missing parts (most notably the "owl" sounds). I thought it was good enough to show off anyways. The other ports I will (hopefully) submit this weekend.
Hope you enjoy :)

Diablo - Tristram
Dave the Diver - Diver
Parlour Games - Billiards - Five Ball
The Lucky Dime Caper - Magica's Castle
These ports have a very quaint and charming quality to the sample.

Tristram really really brings me back to the old days.

With Diver I think the kick drum is a little gritty but I've never heard the original. Maybe this glitch hop kind of sound is characteristic.

I can see Five Ball becoming very popular, because hackers are always looking for this jazzy casino sound in hacks.

Magica's Castle has an epic and adventurous quality to it. Could totally picture this in a big castle level.
Note: Dave the Diver - Diver

Four covers, with each of identifiable qualities and sound direction. It's freshing to hear covers of later series which are still going on to this day like Diablo, and the Diver port has both the classic instruments with the new atmospheric percussion you could travel on the same platform.
That's a very varied selection of ports. Great job at making them. My favorites ones are Lucky Dime Caper - Magica's Castle and
Parlour Games - Billiards - Five Ball. The last one in particular has a very chill and urban-like sound.

Wow, these are all decent length at least, and all from very uncommon sources. Big respect for taking the time to port some out-there tunes. I'm especially a fan of the simplistic charm of the billiards song.
embed fail!!

The songs have now been submitted. Thank you all for the comments. After considering them I have changed the sample for the kick in the Diver song and slightly lowered the volume of the kick and snare, hopefully for the better.

I am glad that you like my SMS ports. They are my personal nostalgic projects and I kind of expected people to not care much for them.
Well, I stayed and listened; what do I win? Jokes aside, the Magica's Castle one seem like it would be the most useful for SMW. Nice job.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.

Super Mario WorldMusicResource Release