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Rykon-V73's Yoshi's Island DS rips - Extra Day - 2 Kirby's Dream Land 3 content released

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Hey there. You didn't expect me to have a thread with Yoshi's Island DS rips. I'm actually an upgrade for some, particularily, idol's submissions. Some had palettes that were hard to edit. Will you accept mine instead? Let's find out with my first YI DS tileset, but before, I do want to mention a thing. You know Touhou Koumakyou ~ The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - Spellcard (Remilia Scarlet) had tiles that were a pain to deal, then the nightmare that's Garfield and His Nine Lives (GBA) - Arnbuckle Farm and that's it... but did you know the BG that I had to take of it was EVEN WORSE? I know most YI DS backgrounds use over 500 tiles. Try to make it use 256 tiles was impossible... well, I had to try to find ways to remove unnecessary tiles, only to be lead to me needing to remove more. This is why I said the BG was even worse. If there was a much worse BG that needed tile reduction, then I hate to see it... okay, you'd say enough info. You're trying to fill our heads? You're right, time for:

Yoshi's Island DS - Snow

I had to keep on removing and flipping tiles, until I reached the right amount.
Time for the palette. Before, idol's snow palette was tedious to edit as there was no order, but in my case:

The palette is easy to edit for layer 1. Even the BGs palette is pretty easy. Time for layer 1:

Just your usual setup and... an YI arrow? Yes, I did include this in the tileset.

Is there anything else different? Well, there's another one:

Newly added snow bridge logs ripped from the game.
I do have the knowledge to rip FGs and BGs, albeit with lots of difficulty.
Also, you want it? You got it:

Download: Here

With that, this Yoshi Island DS tileset has both layer 1 and layer 2. I'll upload another one. It depends. Stay tuned,

Feedback appreciated.
Nice to see more rips from DS games, especially Yoshi's Island. :D
I've seen some graphics that were prototypes for Yoshi's Island, but I've never seen this before! Looking at it like this, I have to think about the work that goes into porting this tileset into Super Mario World.

Brave, I say, and great work! #smrpg{gasp}
Hey I love the aesthetic on these. It has the fluffy style of Yoshi's Island for SMW without being so loud with detail. Great job! #smrpg{y}
Very interesting use of the ice tileset from YI DS, they do go well with the style too, so it's safe to assume there will be winter levels #smw{:x}

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

Thanks. I'm glad this tileset of mine shows some appreciation. Originally, I was going to end Day 1, but I'll post one more. It's because I'm generous:

Yoshi's Island DS - Jungle
Originally, Ice Man used the tileset in his hack. I decided to do my version.

Originally, I crammed the 2 BGs into, but forgot a submission. This time, it's for real, as it's included with the tileset. Uses 297 tiles. The palette is easy to edit, but it's at the limit. Palettes 6 and 4 are unaffected. You'll have to replace the status bar.

The start.

I'm guessing the vines attached to the ceiling weren't in Ice Man's level.

I showed the Map16. Uses 333 Map16 tiles.

Download: Here

I'll submit one tomorrow.
Feedback welcome.
That's really good. (I might rip everything from OG YI in the future, idk when)
How did you get around the color limitations though? Did you use that online pngquant tool or manually did it
Check out my DKC rips!

I really like the snow/ice & jungle rips here, awesome work Rykon-V73! Considering it may be slightly tougher for me to come up with viable FGs & BGs to fit my jungle/forest levels than my snow/ice levels, I'm glad you added to my list of options to consider there, so thanks.
@Knight of Time: Thanks. I didn't know that was one of your requests.
@Soul: I used the Palette Viewer option in DSEmumE. Since there a lot of palette options, I checked the one see fit and based on idol's palette, I decided to add the one with little modifications so that it sticks really close to the source material.
It is day 2. Time for me to show a YI DS rip. It'll take a while as I have a few extra things here. Okay:

Yoshi's Island DS - Canyon
This tileset also had a screwed up palette for the FG. My version includes both layers 1 and 2. Time for layer 2 to show via a simple screenshot:

This is the first layer 2 BG. Its palette is easy to edit, along with the fake HDMA. Time for the other one:

This also has an easy palette to edit. Anorakun mentioned I should add HDMA via code. That's exactly what I did. Check the next picture:

I had added it as best as I can and it scrolls with the background. You do see the ground, platforms, spikes and cacti. Some are ripped from the game. Time for the rest of layer 1:

The start of the level. It does resemble idol's sample level.

Ground is detailed and added pipes and slopes. idol's submission lacked the pipes.

Diagonal platforms and pipes can be placed on walls.

This last bit should be familiar.

For a final thing, here's Map16:

It uses 506 Map16 tiles. Yellow pipes can be added, too.

Download: Click me

Feedback appeciated. I'll release the last YI DS tileset tomorrow.
It's Day 3's turn. I'm amazed no one did post after my 2nd day release. I do suppose there were better things than mine.
Time to show you a YI DS rip that idol doesn't have. This is original, but ripped from the game:

Yoshi's Island DS - Outside Jungle

This does use almost 256 tiles, but it sure fits the theme. Other BGs might do.

I ripped the GFX as best I could. There are also cement blocks and pipes.

Edit's slope fix block is used here. I added a block list.

I used Yoshi Island's water. The poles and bridge are all part of YI DS.

I ripped the island of that stage. It was a pain in my butt as that used a full palette and a half. The palett structure in YI DS is different. Here's the small island.

You can also have the biggest island, like the one in the screen above. If you're interested:

Download: Click me
I might have 1 more thing or 2. It depends on the feedback I get. Speaking of feedback. It is welcome.
Ooh, islands? #ab{O_O} That's pretty interesting for a tileset! Keep it up!
My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

Wow, how do you do that? It's a bit difficult to do this but you have a good talent, congratulations! #smrpg{y}

@Anas: You say the islands were easy. I say the islands were a pain because of the tiles that it used. Fortunately, that didn't stop me from managing it.
Not sure if you're wondering if I have other YI DS rips to show. No...
... but I do have a tileset to show that belong to Yoshi's Island. You've seen it...

Yoshi's Island - Haunted Tileset
Before I start, I did get permission from Katrina to draw most of the BG for YI, along with other things you see.

Katrina's answer to layer 2:
This is absolutely fine. It's nice to see my ideas put to use.

Your mushroom painting is very nice by the way. Felt like my paintings ended up kinda dull because I barely had space in the graphics file/palette

The same thing happened for layer 3. I got permission there as well:

Katrina's answer to layer 3:
This is also totally fine.

I quite like to see things inspired by or based on my work, and don't consider it my place to stop other people from making stuff inspired by or based on stuff I made. And since my layer 3 BG layout is based on SMW's ghost house BG, it's hardly "mine" anyway.

Okay, it's time for layer 3. I actually have 3 layer 3 BGs to show here. First:

This design is original. I used the YI layer 3 moon as a reference for mine. The moon uses 2 layer 3 palette.
Time for 2nd layer 3 BG:

Here's Katrina's layer 3 BG, modified for YI use. Also, has a different feel.

Both the small, big boos and scary version are drawn, similar to the Super Princess Peach level Shriek Mansion.

This is still based on Katrina's BG, but in YI style and added a few different things. Time for layer 1:

The beginning. This FG is actually my design. The rest, such as ice and bandit house come from YI.

Pipes are added. You have options for 2 doors to use. One of them fits the haunted areas.

Yellow pipes are added and you do see grandfather clocks. You can stand on the left one.

The diagonal walls are drawn by me. You can also place spikes in front of walls.

Mario... where are you?... you can make some secret areas hidden from view.

Walls also have their own shadow. You can place those, similar to every castle/fort set of YI.

Mario, don't go in there, please don't. You didn't see in my hack thread, but even walls have shadows drawn.

Here's the link:

Download: Click me
Feedback is welcome. I might release an extra thing tomorrow.
I'm seeing allot of spooky themes here, very good rips and the layer 3 graveyard and boo fog is also a nice touch #smrpg{y}

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

The Layer 3 conversions and other rips are amazing, and the custom ghost house tileset is very well done! #smrpg{y}

I can't even imagine this tileset with the creepypasta style... #thp{O_O2}
I already saw the ghost house tileset a while ago, but it's very well-done! I like the grandfather clocks and layer 3 boos in particular. Last screenshot is very interesting too, looks like it could lead to a dark passage which could be part of the same level! Great job with your works overall!
My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

if i had a dollar for every time i was name dropped in this thread i would have 6 dollars so far. so pay up 🐴
Amazing work with these Yoshi Island DS tilesets. I'm very much impressed by your dedication and love to Yoshi's Island in general. Keep up the good work, Rykon. #smrpg{y}

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