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Luigi's New Quest - Remastered

Super Mario WorldStandardFull ReleaseScreenshots


It's finally here! First of all, thank you edgar for helping me with this project, without their help and support this remaster would probably never seen the light of day.
After spending some time revisiting and polishing some of my projects, I felt it was the time to revisit this one. Released in 2021, Luigi's New Quest is a challenging hack with kaizo-inspired elements,
it's what I consider a point where my level design started to get better and more interesting.



A honor to work with you.
Kirbo was here
An underrated gem, I dare to say. Having playing the original version, it's really nice to see that a final level was made for this reworked edition. The aesthetic and music choices are on point. Fantastic job, Mr. M.S. and edgar. #smrpg{:3}

Super Mario WorldStandardFull ReleaseScreenshots