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[SMBX2 Beta 5] Arzette: The Return of Daimur

Non-Super Mario WorldWork in ProgressScreenshots

Hey folks, it's me Idunn. I'm once again back with a Thread for C3.. it's been some time actually, I haven't done much with SMBX since I showcased my last project back then!

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Currently Arzette: The Return of Daimur is Heavily WIP, so please accept my apologizes for the Screenshots further down

Spoiler Warning: This Project expects you to already have Played/Watched Arzette: The Jewel of Faramore which is a Game that was recently released on 14th of February. There will be stuff from the Maingame related to the OG and if you haven't seen anything of it yet you might get spoiled by it. Check it out on Youtube or Buy the game on Steam!

Story: In the heart of Faramore, the once-thriving kingdom of Princess Arzette stands as a beacon of magic and prosperity. However, an ominous prophecy resurfaces, foretelling the return of Daimur, an ancient demon king banished centuries ago for attempting to plunge Faramore into eternal darkness. Arzette, a young and talented hero, discovers her true lineage as the prophesied hero destined to thwart Daimur's return again.

As strange occurrences disrupt the balance of magic in Faramore, Arzette embarks on a quest to uncover the forgotten truths of her ancestry. Guided by visions and the counsel of wise beings, she unravels the mystery of the impending threat.

As Arzette delves deeper into the mysteries of Daimur's return, she discovers that the demon king's influence runs deeper than anyone had imagined. His followers, fanatical cultists devoted to his dark cause, seek to bring about his resurrection and plunge Faramore into chaos.

Characters: Character Images and Descriptions from the Official Account of Arzette: The Jewel of Faramore

It is important to note that the Gameplay will be a different from what the actual Game is around, but it still will be a 2D Platformer for now! The artstyle will also not be the same so keep that in mind please.

All used Gfx, Music, Sounds Credits go to their respective Owners and Creators, I do not own any of the things used for this except for the Levels I made for the Project! Everything else is done by the Community so a big shout out to you all for keeping the Game alive and still making stuff!
Big thanks to the dev team for giving us X2 and the recent Beta 5!
And another big thanks to the original Creators behind the actual Arzette Game for even giving me the Idea of this!

Currently the Amout of Levels is unknown for the Time being.

[strike]The Final Boss will be Mother Brain on a moving Layer with 99 Hits


None so far

Later down the Road I will casually look for people to help me mostly with Graphics for certain NPCs from the game.
See you on the flipside, I have to go and eat some FINE DINING right now see ya!
Check out my SMBX Project I posted for C3 if you got the spare time for it :)
This project looks really neat! Please keep it up! I am looking forward to the new progress of this project!
Cool. I didn't know that SMBX could be used as a general-purpose game engine. I especially like Arzette's design.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
Looking at the images you posted, I immediately "get" those characters and that setting. Seems like a nice little premise, story-wise.

Not gonna lie, looking at the screenshots was a bit of a mood whiplash, because the very character-driven story is presented in really really "Retro Mario" platformer gameplay. The levels look well-made and fun to play though!


Non-Super Mario WorldWork in ProgressScreenshots