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Flutter! (Yoshi's Island collab hack release thread)

Non-Super Mario WorldFull ReleaseScreenshots

Those of you in the audience who are above the age of 3 may remember this dewy-eyed C3 thread that my friends and I made back in the summer of 2021. We were so full of vigor back then. Since then, our hearts and souls have been thoroughly crushed by Yoshi, his island, and the disgusting implement known as Golden Egg. But today, after months and years of abject torture, we emerge to bring you a brand new romhack housing 30 fire-forged levels.

Although this project was spearheaded by me, it was overwhelmingly carried by Blue Leaf's baserom management, GbreezeSunset's vast level contributions, and Medic's willingness to wrangle YI's code. In this project, more than in any other, teamwork mattered. So if I see you failing to credit them in your stream overlay, I WILL curse your bloodline. Tread carefully, content creators.

You can download the hack here.

If you need help patching the rom, refer the YI FAQ.
The hack has been tested on Snes9X, bsnes/higan, and an original SNES. At the time of writing, it has NOT been tested on a Super NT, so play on that at your own risk. The retry and flower saving patches made for this hack will also be released shortly - keep an eye out for them in the YI subforum.

A note for the discerning player: be aware that this hack contains both traditional and kaizo design, as well as plenty of puzzles. Moreover, it expects you be familiar with the original game. We do hope you give it a try!
Excited to see this finally release and I can't wait to play it!
Let's freaking go! Looks amazing and can't wait to give it whirl!
congrats on the release jump team! This looks like a true return to form :)
I know this hack has quality control because they took out my terrible level #lm{ani}

Congratulations FLUTTER team!
This hack had a tremendous amount of work and care put into it. I can't imagine working with YI's god forsaken hacking tools.

At this moment I am half way through the game, and would certainly recommend everyone to play it.
Using the yellow egg blocks as Yoshi-only blocks is so clever that I'm genuinely surprised I haven't seen it before.

Also, huge props to you guys for actually managing to create a custom overworld map using tehaxor69's ancient, unfinished editor. I can only imagine how tedious that must have been!
This thread is the primitive source that the JUMP team never fails on delivering jaw dropping works. #tb{:[)]}

I remember the thread this hack was featured on, and the screenshots looked promising. I'll be sure to play this as soon as I can. It's no surprise that the YI editor is a pain to mess with, so kudos to you guys for developing it creatively. Good job and thank you for yet another masterpiece!
It's great to see more Yoshi's Island hacks. Just from the gifs it looks really creative. I haven't played a Yoshi Island hack in a while so this will be fun.
Good job!
Oooh, oh. I overlooked this one. I for one love Yoshi's Island, but this looks like a very well done modification. Looks heavily comparable to the official game, which is not an easy feat to acheive. Love the addition of the gifs that actually show the hack in action. And it is actually finished too, which is always a very nice touch. Giving it a download right about now actually, so Imma enjoy this while it is hot off the press.
I'm really glad I was able to work on and contribute to this hack with these awesome people. It was an absolute blast the whole way through... nah I'm kidding, there were some rough spots lol. Hacking Yoshi's Island is usually a pain - often, Yoshi and his Island refused to cooperate with our level ideas, and every time I used GE, it just reminded me of how vastly superior LM is. Despite this, I had so much fun overall exploring this game - YI is truly a treasure trove of unexplored content. It cannot be overstated just how important Blue Leaf and Medic were to this hack's success - without their huge brains dissecting the code of Yoshi and his cryptic Island, Lazy and I would have been floundering around cluelessly, our last few brain cells joining together in the songful chorus of the Dancing Spear Guy.

I'm really proud of everyone on this team and how this hack turned out. This project definitely means a lot to me, so I hope you all enjoy it. And who knows.. maybe.. maybe if you're feeling really crazy, you'll be inspired to give GE a try and make your own level :D
(I'm sorry in advance if you do).
Oh nice, now I've seen two Yoshi's Island hacks during this C3. It makes my heart "flutter"! I like the more action-oriented level design style that I see from the gifs. I won't be able to play this (or even look at much C3 stuff) for a while, but this one's on my short list to play #tb{^V^}

It's not easy to create a YI hack, and that's not even counting the technical issues. Even just the level designing can be hard to do. I see that this hack removes Baby Mario, so that's one level designing headache removed lol (but also a few level designing possibilities get closed off without Baby Mario).
As one of the hackers who really love to see more Yoshi's Island content, especially the more setup-based design from late-game JUMP levels alongside seeing some ASM hacks which aren't really well explored either.

The only question is whether I'll ever end up playing it, lol.
As someone who is older than 3, i do remember seeing the first time this hack was teased in the 2021 C3 lol
And i'm glad to see it being released now!

I love Yoshi's Island, and it's undeniably an impressive game in basically every department for the SNES, so seeing more being done with it in terms of level design is always neat!
There's definitely an endless supply of unexplored potential in this game, and it's nice to see some of this potential actually being explored, especially with an approach that's more akin to modern SMW hacking.
I will definitely check this out!
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I've only played some of the hack so far, but I'm already very impressed with what I've seen! The puzzles and gimmicks are very clever, and it's a great-looking hack too.Free counters!
It is quite frankly criminal how few people are going to stream/play this hack simply because it isn't SMW. Their loss I suppose, because this hack is absolutely fantastic! It feels EXACTLY like you'd expect a "JUMP Team" hack to feel, except it's in YI, and to be honest it kinda blows my mind what you guys were able to accomplish in this hack using the truly putrid tool that is Golden Egg.

Incredible work, all! This hack may not get the recognition of a "JUMP" hack, but for me personally I think I might have a new favorite JUMP Team hack #smrpg{:D}
Special. It seems to be largely working on my MiSTer as well, so i reckon it should run on an NT.
Very fun so far, I'd been looking forward to this since the initial announcement thread. I think there's a softlock in the third level, though:
In the Goonie/Milde/Chomp rock puzzle room for a flower, you can pretty easily get yourself stuck simply by jumping up to the platform there, with seemingly no way to escape/take damage/die. I initially clipped through the chomp rock by getting damaged by the milde and just...jumped up and killed the bowling goonie and was stuck.
Congratulations you all for making such a good and refreshing YI hack. Despite having a relatively small amount of levels, this hack will surely give you many hours of entertaining with such unique levels as you would expect from a JUMP type of hack, but in YI. This is definitely a must play.
Just tried the first level and I'm already seeing some interesting mechanics! I never knew sprites could be pushed to the right by solid blocks. Not to mention the yellow egg blocks, I never knew eggs could go thru them like that. Then again, the last time I ever properly hacked YI* or played YI hacks was over 6 years ago... in fact, the first time I ever experimented with GE was back in November 2016 or so! So yeah, it's nice to see some people experimenting with YI nowadays.

Btw, I can see there's no lives counter... so why give 1-ups? After all, that's their main purpose. Also, in the off-chance I dabble into YI hacking again, I'd like to ask, how did you edit the title screen palette? Hex editing? (If you ever post a proper thread for this thread in the YI subforum, I will continue my comments & questions there as I play more thru the hack.)

* Not counting the times I opened GE between 2019 and now just to rip palettes for my SMW hack
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Non-Super Mario WorldFull ReleaseScreenshots