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What if...

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A little late, but here is my C3 thread. I present some unreleased and / or unused ports, many of which I originally made for Entropy by Drkrdnk.

Entropy Ports:
A Dash For Freedom
April Fools
Errorlevel 7
Gametune 5

Some other ports, Billy Bee 2, Justice Game 5 and Ampiaisen Pisto are completely unused, the latter was originally planned for Entropy, but didn't fit into the hack. I used Partyfunk and Keygen 19 for Saphros' Level Design Contests (the latter is a stereo version - I will submit more stereo versions in the future). Harmitus painaa mieltani was requested by Flio and has only been used in one RHR level so far.

Billy Bee 2
harmitus painaa mieltani
Justice Game 5
Keygen 19 (Stereo)
Ampiaisen Pisto

But what if...

...that wasn't the end?

Below is the complete soundtrack of Shin Megami Tensei if... (SNES)

Shin Megami Tensei if... uses many songs from Shin Megami Tensei 1 and 2, some songs are new, others are slight or strong modifications of older songs. In the case of slight modifications, you can use Defines to switch between the SMT if... version and the SMT 1 / 2 version. There are 4 more songs that are more different from the if... versions, I will possibly port and upload them separately later.

Here are the ports in the order in which they appear in the SMT if... Soundtrack are listed:
SMT if... - Title
SMT if... - Data Load Screen
SMT if... - Nova‘s Questions / SMT - Neutral
SMT if... - Hazama (SMT - Chaos)
SMT if... - Classroom (SMT - Shop)
SMT if... - Danger (SMT2 - Boss Battle)
SMT if... - School (SMT - Arcade)
SMT if... - Important Meeting / SMT2 - Gym
SMT if... - President‘s Office (SMT - Pascal's Theme)
SMT if... - Fusion (SMT2 - Devil's Fusion)
SMT if... - Devil Appears (SMT2 - Encounter)
SMT if... - Battle (SMT2 - Battle)
SMT if... - Dimensional Portal (SMT2 - Recovering Remembrance)
SMT if... - Gouman Kai
SMT if... - Makai Town (SMT - Castle of the Four Gods)
SMT if... - Casino (SMT2 - Casino)
SMT if... - Level Up (SMT2 - Level Up)
SMT if... - Game Over (SMT2 - Game Over)
SMT if... - Houshou Kai (SMT2 - 3D: Underground)
SMT if... - Taida Kai / SMT - Ginza
SMT if... - Disco (SMT2 - Disco)
SMT if... - Shitto Kai
SMT if... - Heroine (SMT2 - Heroine)
SMT if... - Funnu Kai
SMT if... - School 4-10 F / SMT - Embassy
SMT if... - Seishin Kai (SMT - Law)
SMT if... - Final Battle (SMT2 - Final Battle)
SMT if... - Epilogue
SMT if... - Ending
SMT if... - Staff Roll
SMT if... - Jakyou no Yakata (SMT2 - Jakyou no Yakata)
SMT if... - Fortune Teller (SMT2 - Fortune Teller)
SMT if... - Shop (SMT2 - Shop)
SMT if... - Mysterious Finding (SMT2 - Data Screen)
SMT if... - Terminal (SMT2 - Terminal Point)
SMT if... - Boss Battle
SMT if... - Chi no Nomos / SMT2 - 3D: Virtual Battler
SMT if... - Dai 1 Nomos (SMT2 - 3D: Valhalla)

I hope you like some of my ports.
Originally posted by Ahrion
I hope you like some of my ports.

But what if... I liked all of them?

This is some great stuff. The tracker ports are all such banger songs. I've discovered so many good tracker songs because of your ports, and I'm happy to say this set of ports is no exception. I think I genuinely love all of them.

Throwing in a whole soundtrack to follow is also really impressive. You never cease to amaze with your music!

My fantastic stars, it's finally here! Ahrion's thread! I've been waiting for this one. SMTif has one of my favorite soundtracks in the SNES era, and finally- FINALLY, all of these wonderful and atmospheric songs are available for use! Oh man oh man oh man- excitement! Absolute excitement! This- THIS is the highlight thread for me this C3, there is nothing I love seeing more than music threads. Your work has always been invaluable (meaning incomparable in value, not the literal meaning of the word) to me personally, so to see this is just like having a burger cooked by Gordon Ramsay himself.
All the SMT and MT songs are fabulous, but IF does have one of the most versatile selections of the bunch. Thanks very much! Your work never disappoints and this thread... well, Imma just right click and save-as like, everything here.
Now this is a big treat! I love hearing the super-elaborate keygen music out of this hardware, and you've got them in spades.
The complete SMT If... soundtrack is the icing on top! What a packed thread. I'm really curious what it is about the Megami Tensei games that compels people to port their entire OST but there's definitely no complaining.

Other Submissions of mine!

Man, just some really awesome work here. It's super cool that you were able to contribute all those to a hack, even if some of them didn't make it in. I'm a huge fan of Sledgehammer in particular, the patterns and the chord progressions especially.

Not to mention, a whole soundtrack too! I'm picking up vague similarities with Last Bible III's soundtrack, if only for the chorus sample and some of the other tunes/samples. I shouldn't be surprised, though, since they are arguably a part of the same franchise in a bizarre way.
embed fail!!

Okay, now port all the PS1 exclusive SMT If tracks next #wario{:)}

Jokes aside tho pretty glad to see all of these being ported honestly; even though I'm not the biggest fan of accuracy ports, having these in is still a very good thing IMO and should definitely be celebrated lol

Originally posted by icrawfish
I'm picking up vague similarities with Last Bible III's soundtrack, if only for the chorus sample and some of the other tunes/samples. I shouldn't be surprised, though, since they are arguably a part of the same franchise in a bizarre way.

That's probably because Tsukasa Masuko and Hiroyuki Yanada likely used a bunch of Korg M1 patches for their stuff, like the choir for example is basically the same for both games; outside of that though, I can't say whether or not the similarities are that pronounced outside of the same synth being used for some things since they have such drastically different styles and aesthetic, both for the music and for the samples, so who knows whether or not that's true I guess
...I were to purchase fast food and disguise it as my own cooking? 🤔
OHOHOHO! Delightfully devilish, Hacker! 😈

These are all amazing ports! You somehow manage to have both quality AND quantity. So yeah, definitely a case of "better late than never"!
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
I've been listening to your ports all the time while I'm browsing the C3 threads here. It's just really fun to hear. Really cool stuff there. I don't have to say anything more about the port quality ... That's, as always, erste Sahne #w{<3}
Awesome work again! So much fun to discover your port´s! Thank´s for all your effort !
I came super late to the c3 party but I'm still chilling out with these ports. You did an amazing job as always, with all these ports. Congratulations.
Superb ports as usual, Ahrion. I love that you brought an entire OST from Shin Megami Tensei if. So, I was wondering, are you planning to bring more music from SMT? Keep up the great work at bringing banger music to the site. #smrpg{:O}

Thank you all for the nice words :)

Originally posted by Anorakun
So, I was wondering, are you planning to bring more music from SMT?

I think so. SMT if... is done and SMT 2 only has a few tracks left. SMT 1 has a few more tracks left to port, I think around 14 or something. I'll definitely port some Majin Tensei 1 and 2 tracks as well but not all.

Since I have already ripped all the samples from SMT if... and the samples from SMT1, 2 and if... almost don't differ, I'll release a BRR sample pack of all 3 games later.
Also I'll submit the non-SMT ports probably this evening.

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