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HOP TOP - Now on Steam!

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Hi. I'm using up one of my precious pre-1000 posts to talk about something rather fun.

I've more or less moved on from SMW Hacking, my interest simply isn't there anymore and my time on other projects simply is too mandating for me. As a result, I've begun the sinister transformation into an "Indie Game Developer" for "money". This is actually been my main work since 2020~2021ish, but it always tended to be on other people's projects first and foremost. That changes...TODAY! Have a look:

HOP TOP is an arcade title developed with several good friends (Darknn, joshyflip, Nicholas Clark, and IMAKON) throughout the month of January through my new MIRACLE production label, which I've been using for projects as of late. It is a mashup between a shootemup and a platformer, a combination that ends up working rather well. You'll be quick to see a few clear inspirations, but HOP TOP is made as a love-letter to 80s/90s arcade games in general-- with a lot of depth to boot! The game features a multitude of modes-- from a traditional campaign mode just begging to be 1CC'd as well as Endless Modes for each of the main game themes. It's the product of a lot of love... and crunch, so please check it out if you can!

Ah yes, I remember you from Project Demo (with myself as the musician, of which you have previously showed at C3 Winter 2016, actually) and Yan's World (which again, you showed in C3 Summer 2017). Nice to see you stop by and show us where you've been going in your gamedev adventures over the years. For whatever reason, the first thing that came to my mind is the Namco Classic Collection (Arcade) Arrangement versions of their games when I took a look at the trailer: that is, a mid-to-late 1990s arcade feel.
I'm buying it, as I appreciate arcade-like stuff
It's always cool to see some fellow Romhackers reach new heights by hopping onto game development haha
This looks like a very interesting take on an arcade game by mashing two genres that, honestly, i wasn't expecting to see in the same game lol
The result looks like fun. It's already on my wishlist!
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Non-Super Mario WorldFull ReleaseScreenshotsTrailer