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New community guidelines for "AI generated" material

We're announcing a change to the Site Wide Rules & Terms of Use regarding AI generated content. You can preview the relevant excerpt from the rules page below.

# Summary Description Justification Consequence
B9 Do not upload or promote content made with generative artificial intelligence or other "learning" algorithms. SMW Central defines "AI-generated content" as any text, media, or images produced fully or partially using generative artificial intelligence algorithms trained on data sets that were assembled without original authors' knowledge or permission. Examples include but are not limited to image generators like Midjourney and DALL-E, language models like ChatGPT, or voice cloning and music generation services.

This prohibition on AI content is site-wide and applies to all resource sections and hacks submitted to the site, including if that material was converted into a format usable in hacks, and extends to SMW Central events, such as the Creativity Convention and level design contests.

While systems that have been coded and trained on local, original datasets would be exempt from this policy, we don't have the resources to confirm the source of or methods used for AI generated content so the ban will still encompass that material.
SMW Central does not recognize AI-generated content as original material and does not view the use of generative AI as a creative practice.

We understand AI tools have usefulness in some contexts or as an aide to other forms or work, but we feel the modification and redistribution of the output of such tools is another matter entirely.
Warning. Offending content will be removed.

What this applies to:

  • Any material that is the result of generative AI process being included in hacks or submitted as resources, including things that has been converted from raw output into a format usable in hacks.
  • Submitting material that is the result of generative AI process in any form to a site event, posted as a creative showoff, or in any form to encourage its use or pass off as original work.
  • Directly promoting or advocating the use of generative AI models or services. This would already be covered by our policy on promoting or advertising things but it is worth re-stating.

These policy was not created to stifle discussion around artificial intelligence tools but to prohibit the output from them being included in things we host or submitted to events or contests. SMW Central is a hobbyist community where people engage in creative self-expression through what romhacking has to offer, the inclusion and use of AI-generated content and tools is antithetical to that identity and not a creative endeavour as we see it.

If you are unsure about your project or work complying with these guidelines, reach out to a relevant staff member.