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Super Pepe by Luis Mar

File Name: Super Pepe
Submitted: by Luis Mar
Authors: Luis Mar
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 3 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: a good hack for the Peruvian youtuber Pepe the Magician
Tags: music, smc, undertale
This hack breaks the following core values:

Hacks should have substance
The hack should provide a significant amount of gameplay. This can take many different forms and makers are encouraged to interpret this creatively.

This very short, three-exit hack, though it is labelled as a demo, still does not have enough substance to warrant its inclusion on the site imo. I completed the hack in a couple minutes, if that.

Hacks should attempt to make something new
Hacks should be an original creation (excluding translation hacks). Small edits to the original SMW game, or works that directly copy the level design of another hack without substantial creative reasoning may be rejected.

I'm relatively sure parts of this hack are vanilla edits, if just for the vanilla message boxes seen in one level. Please make unique, original levels going forward.

Hacks should have care put into their graphics
The hack should maintain a clean use of graphics throughout. This includes avoiding 'cutoff', 'glitched sprites', and 'background garbage.'

There's a bevvy of cutoff within the levels, glitched overworld events, and overall a lack of attention paid to the visual aspect of the hack.

Please fix these issues and spend some more time on the hack before resubmission. Thank you.