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Mint Chocolate by dashlet

File Name: Mint Chocolate
Submitted: by dashlet
Authors: dashlet
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Mint Chocolate its a collection of 5 levels made with a somewhat vanilla flavor that focus on challenging platforming sections and simple gimmicks. Its starts out simple, but it quickly gets hard with its last 3 levels.

Special thanks to ScubaSaul for porting one of the songs i requested!
Tags: abstract, custom blocks, custom music, gimmicky, hard, short, vanilla
Hi there. I'm rejecting this hack because it has some issues regarding level design that I encourage to fix. There's many instances of blind jumps and excessively hard/tight spots which are not coherent with the rest of the corresponding level. Some examples:

Level 1:

Level 5:

Regarding level 5, this one has some very tight spots which will kill you most of the time. You may need to adjust the following obstacles:

Also, despite having distinct graphics for mario/sprite pass blocks in the ghost house levels, they were still confusing, especially where you must bring a springboard to them.

If you still want go with vanilla graphics, I suggest to use a red question block for sprite pass, and an outlined switch palace block for mario pass.

Lastly, after finishing all the levels, the exit count was 3, probably because I played the levels in a different order than the intended, or something else. You may need to enable save prompt in all the level tiles (in the overworld editor) to fix this.

Overall, this a good hack but needs some tweaks here and there to improve its performance. If you need more information, feel free to reach me out on Discord or here through site PMs.