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Super Mario War by CapedBiddyBud

File Name: Super Mario War
Submitted: by CapedBiddyBud
Authors: CapedBiddyBud
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: The mushroom and Koopa Kingdoms are fighting over an unclaimed land, Mario is sent by the mushroom kingdom to make an agreement, however Bowser declines and declares all out war. Mario has become so enraged, he can now break brick blocks even in mini form. This hack is quite short with only a handful of levels. I would say this hack is normal difficulty, however it does use the Kaizo element of bullet bill jumps. I hope you enjoy it, (this is my first hack). All the credits are listed in the zip file and at the end of the hack.
Hey there, I'm rejecting because the hack crashed a couple times when fighting against Bowser in the final level.

When you damage him, the status bar graphics abruptly changes to garbled layer 3 tiles, which in some instances crashed the game. Thankfully didn't lose the savefile.

Another things that I suggest to address (these are not the reject reason).

The bottom tile of the flag pole doesn't trigger the goal.

The flag pole doesn't work if you're riding Yoshi.

The orb at the end seems to have garbled graphics.

Lastly, if the credits level also adds an exit to the exit count, you should have put 6 in your submission.

With the bowser issue being fixed, the hack can be accepted.