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72hoOWDC #1 - Rules & Submissions

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Hi numerous overworld fans of SMWCentral, welcome to the first 72hoOWDC (Alternatively known as 72hoSubmap, if you're more fun). In this contest you are tasked with making exactly one submap based on the theme provided below. Enjoy creating... Or suffer in anguish

Theme/Rules - Familiar Journey

"You may not modify the location of any of the green layer 1 path tiles on the submap on your choice. You may also only switch out the level dots for different types of level dots without changing their location."

Rules & Guidelines
Basic Rules:
  • You cannot work with a partner for this contest.
  • Make an effort to keep your entries anonymous. Don't put your name anywhere, pseudonyms are allowed.
  • Only submit new work. Do not submit an overworld that was finished or worked on before the start of this contest. Please start fresh!
  • Your entry must be playable without additional setup and not require emulator-specific settings.
  • You must apply the Overworld Event Debugger patch even if you have no events.
  • Submitting an .ips file will result in disqualification, and submitting a ROM will lead to site punishment!

Additional Guidelines:
  • You are not allowed to add new paths.
  • You are allowed to use custom events and level names. These will be judged if used, however they are not required.
  • You are allowed to use custom ExGFX, music and ASM. Be mindful of the amount of time you have if you choose to do so.
  • You are allowed to choose any submap to base your entry off of, not just Yoshi's Island.
  • You are allowed to move Mario's starting location.
  • Anything outside of the submap of your choice will not be judged.

If you need assistance with anything, don't hesitate to reach out on the Discord in #72howdc-discussion.

Judging & Scoring
The judges for this contest are  Valentine,  Donut,  icrawfish, lolyoshi. Please do not reveal your entries to these people.

This time around, there will be a heavier emphasis on the aesthetics of the overworld, as the layer 1 paths cannot be changed.
General Design (15 Points)

Functionality - Does the overworld work? Do the paths connect together?
Connectivity - Is the placement and choice of your level dots logical? Are there incorrect level dots in strange positions?
Events (if used) - Do they benefit the overworld created? Do they cause any substantial change to the elements of the overworld?

Aesthetics (35 Points)

Visuals - Do the palettes work well together? Are decorations present and used well? Do the graphics used clash or fit well together?
Shaping - Does the overworld look interesting? Does the terrain have varied and interesting shapes? Is there any cutoff?
Atmosphere - Does the music used fit the world? Does the overworld accurately convey the emotion it sets out to (ie, does the Beach world make you feel like you're on a beach)? Do the decorations contribute to the atmosphere?
Perspective - Does the overworld work as an actual space? Is the perspective of the terrain all harmonious?
Level Names (if used) - Do they work towards the theme of the world?

Both categories will be combined for a total of 50 points.

As is tradition for contests, there will be trophies for first, second, third place, each participant and the judges.

Submission Guidelines
Please submit a BPS file in this thread by Monday, March 18th, 17:00 UTC. You can package your BPS file into a ZIP folder, if you wish. You may include a .txt file saying which submap you chose, but it is not required.

Additionaly, here's a timer counting down until the contest ends:

If you want to make an update to your entry after submitting it, edit your existing post. Do not make a new post.

Good luck! Be fast.
My Entry
i enjoy #smrpg{<3}
hi i'm making freak city and idk when i'll be finished <3
Spoilering this for those wanting to keep the theme of my entry anonymous, it's just a harmless joke about the theme that I chose for it, but again, put in spoilers so that people who are playing through the entries anonymously are unaware of my chosen atmosphere.
Try to keep yourself warm while playing through this ;)

A rather unusual thing. Not sure how it'll fare in the contest, but I'm happy to have made something outside my zone of confort at least.

MPTR (Mario's Private Training Resort)

Discord Username: hammerersmw / hammerersmw#0
Email: [email protected]

"Is Luigi Mania a dream or we still will have a sequel?"
My entry: Leprechaun Beach

Project 34 Years
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
Hey Hey Hey

I'm not an Overworld expert but here it is.

Here it is.

(Now updated to include map and list of credits)
Here's my rushed entree.

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