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sorry to ask such a question, but could you point me in the direction of an animated waterfall? You could even PM me one.
Open a GFX file in YY-chr with the Waterfall animation. You can find it in Super Mario Saga 1 The Last Adventure.
Put the ExGFX in the folder, open LM and insert the EXGFX.
Click on Red Poison Mushroom button, go to Extend animated area GFX dialog and search the animated waterfall ExGFX.
Click on the SMB3 brick button and edit the animation (4 8x8 : 16x16, normal; Destination E0 and frames, you'll select the upper left tile on the page of ExAnimation (Page 5; tip on your keyboard after entering on 8x8 editor: ctrl+alt+pagedown).

If it doesn't work, PM me. I'll send you the ExGFX, a palette file and a txt file with the correct frames to add the waterfall.

I'm sending a screenshot:

Is this the waterfall that you want???
Fierce Deity is cool.
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