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<<Has anyone played ROBLOX in 2006-2020?>>


I am part of a group called ROBLOX Client Search. It is a group that has been researching and trying to find lost versions of an online game called ROBLOX so they can hopefully be preserved.

If you have any backups of the PC/hard drives of the PC or even the PC you played it on, we would greatly appreciate the effort in checking them. We are looking for clients and ROBLOX-related files from people who played the game in 2006-2020.


- VideoGameResearcher
Oh god no! Not Roblox! That game is horrible! It's full of cheap garbage, deranged crap and disgusting predators! My best friend played that filth and he got emotionally manipulated by some evil predator into some f***ed up relation ship. Stay away from that game! It's dangerous!
i don't have any clients, but i do have some older place files from around 2015 at the latest. i started playing in 2012, but my old old places and files are on an account i can't access anymore #smrpg{sad}