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Amberland by Joosh

File Name: Amberland
Submitted: by Joosh
Authors: Joosh
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 32 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy, Standard: Normal
Description: Finally, a hack where you can play as my cat.

The evil Joosh has kidnapped Amber, and only Binx can save her! Find the four switch palaces, storm Joosh's Castle, and save your mommy.

A hack I created for my wife <3
Tags: cat, standard, switch palace
Just finished the hack, level design wise it was super fun, thanks for creating the hack.

The reason of rejection is mostly regards graphic issues in the levels and the OW.

OW: The Switch palaces has they colors incorrectly assigned (there are 3 Yellow Switch palace)
there are cuttoffs in the overworld.

In some levels there are graphics that just desapear, like the "Up/Down" Mushroom platforms, or the head of Mario in the Sunken Ship level.

Regarding dificulty, it may help to balance a bit the difficulty of some levels, this hacks is clearly Standard Normal, and in some sections it can even be Standard Hard (thinking specific on the level where you need to kill a Chuck to get a secret exit, in the level full of ropes)

Be sure to fix this graphical issues and the difficulty balance, and this hack will be good to go.

Great work, feel free to PM here or discord if you need some help anyways ;)