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The Fallen Hero. A SMW Story

Back when things we're more simpler, me and my brother Mario we're known as heros of the mushroom kingdom, we loved it!
Things however changed the day i like to call as "Hunger Day", me, Mario and the Princess Peach went on vacation on Dinosaur Land, it was full of different creatures i had never seen before, it was amazing, most importantly, we found someone we recognized, Yoshi! we took him to our vacation spot too, now let's get into the important stuff.

The Princess had asked Mario to go look for fruits inside the forest of illusion, he obviusly accepted the offer because of obvious reasons, he left, he never came back since, at night, we we're panicking even more, when we started hearing the sounds of a creature screaming in pain, it was horrible, it hurts me to remember it, well... days had passed, no signs of Mario yet, worst that a lot of creatures started disappearing, it was so sudden, it was scary.

One day, we saw on the sky, IT WAS BOWSER'S SHIPS!!!
Now what? we didn't have Mario, i don't know if i could fight him...

They landed on the forest, we we're scared, until hours passed and no one came, "what is a-happening with a-everyone?" i asked, Peach asked me to go inspect, while i wasn't interested about that princess, (i have another princess from another land) i accepted either way just to find my brother, my worst decision...

I was walking through the forest, as i further entered, a horrible smell was imiting from the middle of the forest, as i tried entering more, i got more unberable, but wi wouldn't accept defeat, "i'm a-here for my brother!" i said, before i felt breathing of a feral animal in my shoulder and neck, i look behind me, and saw a animal covered by leafs and sticks, in that moment, i couldn't identify the animal, but i ran away, ran a little before bumping my legs with something, i looked up to see a whole area full of... of... i cannot even describe it... i just remember massacre feast right there and there, i try and leave when i was blocked by the same creature, i was really scared, the creature took of it's undercover, it was Mario... oh alright- "MARIO?!" out loud.

Mario looked different, he had a more rounder body, similar when he gets hit by a goomba, he had giant eyes with pupils that almost obscured his white eyes, had a long smile, his mustache instead of looking like a curly mustache as usual, it was just to circle on each side, it looked like he had three noses...

It started talking:
Hello Luigi...
M- M- Mario...?
Don't be afraid Luigi, it's a-me!
Please, I'm your brother, don't you recognize me?
Did you do that? are you gonna eat me too?

It's voice sounded like a Yoshi, but with an italian accent, atleast he got the accent right...

Now, i can remember this part of my conversation...

"Am i safe- MAMMA MIA", he took out a giant tongue out of his mouth, it was a Yoshi tongue, "THAT'S NOT MARIO!", i ran away, i then got to Peach

Luigi??? Are you-
Wait, why, is there-

We left immediately, but something felt wrong, we felt like something was with us on the ride back to the kingdom...

To this day, Toads say that they have seen something roaming around the forests of the kingdom, each time they find a new enemy, sleeping... and i know who that is, i gave him the name "Turmoil", for the confusion i had when i met him...

Turmoil Created by Scrubbdubb:
Comic by EXE's of day:https:
Cape Art created by Faro:

If you all want me to delete the comic, i'm glad to delete it.
Here's some bonus for reading to the end!

Turmoil's FNF Song:
Turmoil's FNF Gameplay:
Turmoil Comic Dub:

(You can guess who created these videos)