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Super mario world challenge version by Chris gaming

File Name: Super mario world challenge version
Submitted: by Chris gaming
Authors: Chris gaming
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: Bowser has challenged you to beat all the challenges, and save the princess, but that does not mean bowser will go easy on you..
Tags: hard, lots of enimes, parkour
This hack breaks Core Values [1], [2] and [6], the last often throughout the entire hack, despite it only featuring four levels.

Core Value 1:

This entire sublevel can be cheesed through by leaving Mario spinjumping at the edge of the screen, for a really long and repetitive section that features nothing other than those super chucks over this muncher path that's 16 screens long with a slow autoscroller. It's not engaging.

While levels sometimes feature slightly long sections without as much action as other segments often present, those weren't much of an issue as this was.

Core Value 2:

This is just the Yellow Switch Palace with a bright background, which doesn't make it pass as original material.

Core Value 6:

Foreground objects are often spotted with bad coloring, most of the time seen with the cement blocks, which is a big issue given how they're largely used in levels and how they fill up a good portion of the screen. It can also be seen with the arch ledges, bushes, lava bubbles, the "squary" background clouds and even some of the enemies being slightly recolored.

My suggestion is that you follow the same pattern that SMW uses with its palettes by working with gradients to achieve proper coloring that should result in visuals much easier on the eyes. This also goes for the bright backgrounds that have the hills so bright that it makes it seem like they've disappeared, despite still being there.

You should avoid cutoffs (or visual discontinuity if you'd prefer) and glitched sprites as well. The former can be fixed easily by using proper edge objects (solid or passable) at both ends of a ledge, and the latter by using the correct sprite tilemaps in the level (you can resource to using ExGFX if you need to use sprites that don't use the same GFX file, as long as they don't use the same tilemaps).

Other issues worth looking into:
- Leaving this Hub level makes the overworld music silent, while other levels don't.
- The levels are often met with slowdown, given the heavy usage of enemies.

Submission issues:
- The length you've set for this hack is wrong. It features 4 exits once all the available levels are complete.
- Nor the submission or the hack features a credits list for the resources used (the custom music).
- The screenshots aren't good. Resource to the Screenshot Guidelines for Submissions for future uploads.
- Improper tags. Resource to the Tag Guidelines for the Hacks Section page for future uploads.