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Super Kyle World by Rauf

File Name: Super Kyle World
Submitted: by Rauf
Authors: Rauf
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 24 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: The first South Park SMW rom hack!
I created it in 2022, and now i completed it.
If the hack has some errors, please tell me.

Now it's the full release. I made many changes and made game better and
i will update it next.

version 1.1
update 16.03.202
-updated graphics
-new levels
-optimized music
-updated world map
-new bosses

version 1.2
update 24.03.2024

-fixed bugs
-updated levels
- new title screen
-updated songs
-updated pallette
-updated world map
-final level
Tags: kyle, south park
Thank you for the opportunity to moderate Super Kyle World. This was a really inventive and fun hack, but it had numerous small issues that, when combined, merit rejection. The most concerning issue was a softlock in 3-7, but there were also a lot of audio and visual glitches that made this hack lack the polish expected in a submission. See further issues below, and please correct them before resubmission:

Player graphics severely limited (can’t view flying)
General thought; many levels especially in the middle consist of long flat sections with a few enemies that you can run right through with a cape or fire flower. In my view, this violates Core Value 4.
Level dots are missing for most levels which leads to confusion with exit count. Also needs save at end for final count.
• Port was very loud and rough
1-1 the first tower
Glitched naked koopa graphics when knocked out of shell
1-4 After Towers
• No level dot
• Rough cutoff on clouds and midway lines
• Star song doesn’t ever end
• Can fly past the door entry in the 1-1 SMB copy very far to a couple pieces of stone
• Lava has coin flashing and is very bright
• First jump after lava is nearly impossible w/o cape
• Grab blocks needed but no indication of where they are
• Invisible pipe needed to clear level
• Many invisible enemies behind fog
• If you die, you can bring Yoshi in at midway
• Coin block glitch throughout
• Pipe split in half color
• Background in second part messed up
• Time Up! When die
• You can take Yoshi into the level and boss fight and get glitched graphics
3-6 Back to South Park
• Double bonzai bill glitches and makes player invisible
• Where midway puts you, you can fall in-between and softlock