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SOUP! [Demo v4] by couchpotato__

File Name: SOUP! [Demo v4]
Submitted: by couchpotato__
Authors: couchpotato__
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: A random hack I'm making and using to teach myself Lunar Magic (might make a hack in the future better than this) all i was was bored and i made a hack of my favorite mario game .

6 Edited Levels (uses base smw rom and levels and map etc until i learn more LM its like this sorry)

Github page for the hack (updates faster)(adding when i make it)
Tags: vanilla
Thank you for the opportunity to moderate SOUP!. Overall, while I understand this is a demo, it contained many issues that require rejection. This hack did not contain credits or a custom overworld, both of which are required for acceptance. Also, many spots were unchanged, including text boxes and some level sections. See further issues below, and please correct them before resubmission:
All hacks submitted must have full credits:
Overworld not custom (and glitched):
7 levels not including Yellow Switch Palace, but 6 exits listed (doesn’t save at end)
Clothing Store
• No Yoshi intro
• Mismatched pipe
• Kaizo blocks
Yellow Switch Palace
• I don’t think this was supposed to be able to access?
Forest of Soup
• Unedited message box at intro
• Corner of slope cutoff and you can fall to death
• You can swim under the pipe in water
• Double color pipe
• Bullets firing up and diagonal have glitched graphics
Pipe Dream
• Double colored pipes
• Blue switch palace blocks?
• Vanilla message box
Fortress of Soup
• Sprite limit issue in beginning (falling spikes, extending platforms disappearing)
• Invisible platform in lava
• Continues with glitched graphics after
• Vanilla second room
Throwback Hills
• Bicolor pipes
• Not really finished?
• Level extends far beyond door